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Jaws (cfp) - jan 2020

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JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing

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Jaws (cfp) - jan 2020

  1. 1. intellectbooks To order this journal online visit our website: www.intellectbooks.com @IntellectBooks@IntellectBooks Intellect Books JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing ISSN 2055-2823 | Online ISSN 2055-2831 2 issues per volume | First published in 2015 Editors Inês M. Ferreira-Norman Wimbledon College of Art, UK inesartistaif@gmail.com JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students Volume 6 Issue 2 JAWS is the only academic arts journal run by and dedicated to MA and Ph.D. students (and those who have recently graduated). We have published work by students from India, China, Australia, North America, Canada and the UK, and maintain an international peer-review network. What We Want: Theoretical and discursive essays up to 6000 words. Critical reviews of events, exhibitions or performances up to 3000 words. Submissions of practice accompanied by text. The word count for this type of submission can be negotiated through the peer review and editing process, but we recommend between 3000–5000 words. We strongly recommend authors consult our peer review guidance for unconventional submissions on our website prior to submitting, please see the link below. All work must be sent in as a Word document to p.e.jawsjournal@gmail.com, and be prefaced with a 100-word abstract and 6–8 keywords, followed by a short contributor biography. Please include your university affiliation, full name, course and year of graduation. All work must use Harvard referencing, following Intellect House Style. For full submission guidelines and information about the peer review process we employ, please refer to www.jawsjournal.com/submissions. Deadline for submissions: 13 March 2020. Volume 1 Issue 1 is available for free at: www.ingentaconnect.com/content/intellect/jaws/ Our guest editorials from previous issues are also available, including those by Professor Arnold Aronson (Columbia University), Dr Sophie Hope (Birkbeck), Dr Inger Mewburn (the Thesis Whisperer), Professor Joseph Heathcott (The New School of Design) and Professor Malcolm Quinn (CCW Graduate School): www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=243/ For all inquiries please email p.e.jawsjournal@gmail.com. CALL FOR PAPERS