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Enhance the browser_experience

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This talk tries to

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Enhance the browser_experience

  2. 2. LET'S TALK Some previous thoughts How can improve the health of our "patient"? Experimental treatments: the cool ones!
  3. 3. DO WE LOOK LIKE ALCHEMISTS? Clients usually ask for "miracles"
  4. 4. FOR ME IT'S MORE LIKE THIS "Selfie" in some years
  5. 5. SOME PRESET IDEAS SPREAD AROUND... RWD: Solution for Multi-Device: Look some of the caveats &[link] list of approaches Browsers based on Webkit: Winner bet [1][2][3] SPA: Everybody needs one? : [link]
  8. 8. BROWSER "BODY" JS engine: and some ECMAScript 5 compatibility Rendering Engine: Good Read about how browsers work: On mobile, don't forget and [list] [list] [list] [link] Viewport's Hell DPI's
  9. 9. DOCTORS HAVE DIFFERENT APPROACHES WHICH IS "OUR" BOTTLENECK? : Rendering way managed in JS vs Trust in CSS3 operations : Virtual DOM operations Famo.us ReactJS
  10. 10. VADEMÉCUM : HTML5 API'S THE BIG UNCOMPLETED LIST API's available When to use it: Can I Use
  11. 11. THE DIAGNOSIS I have no time, my patient is dying!! : Is the target Browser ready? Check it: Backwards compatibility? : Your code seems OK, your performance NOT so well: Jank Issues ? Can't find a polyfill for my needs: HTML5 Please Modernizr Polyfills [link] Runtime Performance Checklist Build your own
  13. 13. Should i use MQ or MatchMedia API ? MQ for JS Enquire.JS
  14. 14. Internationalization of your App, Unicode in Javascript? JavaScript Internationalization API Regex: XRegExp
  15. 15. Do i need Jquery? You might not need jquery
  16. 16. EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENTS COOL DEMOS ABOUT WHAT CAN BE DONE IN A BROWSER WebRTC typography: GUM QRcode: GUM OCR: Speech Recognition: | Gesture Recognition: | [link] [link] [video] Annyang Dictation.io $N With touch support
  17. 17. TRENDS USE THIS INFO WITH CAUTION andHTTP Archive Mobile HTTP Archive Device Atlas - Data Explorer StatCounter
  18. 18. THANKS! Jorge Barrachina @NTKOG / @HTML5MeetSpain info@html5-spain.com