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Managing your Hadoop Clusters with Apache Ambari

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Deploying, configuring, and managing large Apache Hadoop and HBase clusters can be quite complex. Once you have your clusters, keeping them up and running and making sure that the SLAs are met presents even more challenges and headaches to Hadoop operators. To make matters worse, managing upgrades can be a nightmare. Hadoop users are presented with their own fair share of difficulties such as slow running jobs and not knowing why they are slow. For third-party software vendors interested in incorporating Hadoop management and monitoring capabilities, there does not seem to be an obvious, easy solution. Apache Ambari is aimed at making lives of Hadoop operators, users, and integrators simpler by providing a management interface to do all of that and more. This session presents usages of Ambari`s Web UI for Hadoop operators (deploying, managing, and monitoring) as well as Hadoop users (job analytics). The talk will also touch upon Ambari`s REST API and how it is used in the real world. The session concludes by revealing the future roadmap of Ambari including queue management, upgrade, disaster recovery, high availability, and more.

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Managing your Hadoop Clusters with Apache Ambari

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  5. 5. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Features Today Provisioning: Simplified deployment across platforms Managing: Consistent controls across the Stack Monitoring: Visibility into key cluster metrics - Single pane of glass for Hadoop & System status - Pre-configured metrics & alerts - Single point for cluster operations - Customize w/o dealing with Hadoop complexities - Advanced configurations and host controls - Wizard-driven cluster install experience - Deploy 10s,100s or 1000s of Hadoop servers - Cloud, virtual and physical environments
  6. 6. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Apache Ambari – 100% Open Source! • Active community • 50+ Contributors / 20+ Committers • 140+ Ambari User Group Members • Steady progress/release cycle Page 6 Release Version Release Date JIRAs Resolved 0.9.0 Sep 2012 402 1.2.0 Feb 2013 441 1.2.1 Mar 2013 134 1.2.2 Apr 2013 106 1.2.3 Jun 2013 515 1.2.4 Jul 2013 109+ 1.2.5 Jul 2013 131+  Current Release  Today’s Demo
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  16. 16. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Ambari + Teradata Viewpoint Integration Page 16 • Ambari = Key enabler for integrating Hadoop monitoring capabilities to Viewpoint • Viewpoint uses Ambari REST API and Custom Service Providers to get Hadoop metrics from a non- Ambari deployed cluster
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  18. 18. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Ambari + Redhat GlusterFS Integration • Using Ambari to deploy / manage cluster with distributed file system other than HDFS –HCFS: GlusterFS as first implementation –Pluggability with other HCFS’s –See AMBARI-1817 Page 18 MapReduce Hive Distributed File System HDFS GlusterFS HBasePig Other HCFS …
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  21. 21. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Get Involved! • Project Website – http://incubator.apache.org/ambari/ • Check out Ambari – Try installing your own cluster! (See project website for instructions) • Mailing Lists – ambari-user@incubator.apache.org – ambari-dev@incubator.apache.org • IRC Chanel – @apacheambari Page 6
  22. 22. © Hortonworks Inc. 2013 Thanks! • Questions? Page 22