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Contributing for Beginners PuppetConf 2015

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A quick presentation given to kick off the PuppetConf 2015 Contributor's Summit

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Contributing for Beginners PuppetConf 2015

  1. 1. How to Contribute for Beginners Morgan Haskel & Hailee Kenney
  2. 2. Introductions Morgan: Modules! Software engineer, spent ~18 months on the modules team Worked mostly on maintaining all the puppetlabs-* modules on github and the forge Hailee: Puppet Platform! Software engineer, platform language team Work mostly on puppet and development tools (e.g. puppet strings) Hailee Morgan Hailee’s cats Atton Tali Morgan’s cats Wendy Cypress Cypress Jonesy
  3. 3. How Can You Contribute? Puppet Core puppet, facter, hiera, puppet server, etc. Modules apache, concat, firewall, mysql, stdlib, etc. Docs Filings Tickets https://tickets.puppetlabs.com Hanging on IRC/mailing lists
  4. 4. Where to Start? 1. Find/File a ticket 2. Sign the CLA (core only) 3. Clone/fork repository 4. Create a topic branch 5. Make your fix (following contributing guidelines) 6. Write/Run tests as appropriate 7. Open a pull request 8. Be ready for back/forth and feedback
  5. 5. Following Contributing Guidelines Check out CONTRIBUTING.md for each repository Write good commit messages Add documentation (when appropriate) Add tests (when appropriate) - we can help with this! Are you submitting your patch to the right place? Should it be in puppet core or a module? Should it be in an existing module or should you make your own?
  6. 6. Things You Should Know git ruby, c++, clojure, etc ruby for core puppet c++ for facter clojure for puppet server rspec Module specific puppet
  7. 7. How to Get Help Ask on IRC in #puppet-dev If you need help getting started If you have a quick question If you need help troubleshooting/debugging an issue Send email to puppet-dev@googlegroups.com Can you contain your question in an email? Is there a longer discussion to be had? Do you want more people to have eyes on your question?
  8. 8. Pro Tips! Reach out to the community! Lots of people in IRC who want to help out/discuss Start small If you’re new to working on OSS or with puppet start with small self-contained contributions Don’t be discouraged by mistakes It’s tough to get everything right the first time, we’re here to help Just because we can’t take your PR doesn’t mean your work wasn’t valuable Please bother us if you don’t hear anything
  9. 9. Questions?!? Hailee Kenney (hailee@puppetlabs.com, @haileekenney) Morgan Haskel (morgan@puppetlabs.com, @KnittyNerd)