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  1. Iraq Asiacell Wireless Project Sector Existing antenna type Target antenna type Height Site Solution Scenario Remarks (if Any) A 1xODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ Reuse 24 Rooftop tower/DBS with RRU on tower B 1xODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ Reuse 24 C 1xODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ Reuse 24 Site Information: NAJ2257 Site Name: Oroba2_NAJ2257
  2. Installation Material List
  3. Dismantled Material List Dismantled Material information S.No Item Description Product Type Item Quantity 1 900M RRU Radio 2219 B8 3 2 1800M RRU 1*RRUS 12 B3 + 2*Radio 2219 B3 3 3 2100M RRU Radio 2219 B1 3 5 RBS BBU Other 2 6 RRU Power Cable 9 7 RRU Fiber Cable 9 8 Jumper Cable 18
  4. NAJ2257 Site Installation Design Site BBU installation BBU5900 Install New BBU5900+UMPTga2; Install 1*UBBPg2; Connect BBU Power cable on 2*25A CB; Connect BBU using Fiber to Transmission Device After dismantling Ericsson BBU please install New BBU5900 in middle of cabinet New BBU Transmission Device E// BBU Description of work :- BBU5900-0-0 UBBPg2 UL FANf UMPTga2 GUL UPEUe
  5. Nokia MW Port Slot for fiber link (5) Fiber port Connectivity Design in Transmission Device
  6. BBU Installation design BBU5900-0-0 UBBPg2 UL FANf UMPTga2 GUL UPEUe 0-60-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector 1 0-61-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector 2 0-62-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector 3 0-120-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector 1 0-121-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector 2 0-122-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector 3 ➊ In BBU5900:Install 1xUBBPg2 in Slot4 ➋ In BBU5900:Install 1xUMPTga2 in Slot7 ➌ Connect 3 CPRI cable from RRU5909 to UBBPg2 in Slot-4, port 0,1,2 with 6.144G SFP ➍ Connect 3 CPRI cables from RRU5502 to UBBPg2 in Slot-4 port 3,4,5 with 9.8G SFP
  7. Power Connection for BBU and RRU on Circuit Breaker CB Requirement For BBU and RRU: Preparation Day: 1. Use any free CB for BBU pre integration(if no free CB ignore this step) Cutover Day: 1. Disconnect existing E// RRU CB(sector by sector) 2. RRU5502 1800/2100M: replace existing RRU 25A CB to New 40A(LLVD). 3. RRU5909 900M: 25A for one PCS RRU(LLVD) 4. Disconnect existing E// BBU CB 5. BBU5900:Reuse free CB 2X25A (BLVD) , if 25A CB not free then replace free CB to 25A(dismantled from step2)
  8. NAJ2257 Site Installation Design RRU installation Preparation Day: 1.Lay new RRU fiber and Power cable before cutover day; pre install new RRU if there is temp space available on tower; 2.Take Existing Antenna/RRU Photo /antenna down-tilt /azimuths and coverage Photo; Cutover Day: 1.Dismantle Ericsson RRU/RRM(bracket)/Filter/jumper sector by sector 2.Install RRU5909 and RRU5502 on existing antenna poles; 3.Connect RRU Jumpers, power cable and fiber cable; 4.Pack dismantled E// RRU , BBU and cables etc. Description of work :- RRU5909 RRU5502 RRU Position
  9. Antenna jumper connection From To RRU Port Connector Type Antenna type Port Connector type RRU5909 A 4.3-10 ODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ R1(+45) 4.3-10 B 4.3-10 R1(-45) 4.3-10 RRU5502 A 4.3-10 Y2(+45) 4.3-10 C 4.3-10 Y2(-45) 4.3-10 D 4.3-10 Y1(+45) 4.3-10 B 4.3-10 Y1(-45) 4.3-10 Note: New jumper connection shall follow the existing jumper connection, if there is any mismatch with above design table, please follow existing jumper connection on antenna side and contact Huawei team. Sector 1 ODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ 0-120-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector1 0-60-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector1 900 Filter Sector 2 ODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ 0-121-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector2 0-61-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector2 900 Filter Sector 3 ODI-065R17M18JJ-GQ 0-122-0 RRU5502 GL&UL 1800M&2100M Sector3 0-62-0 RRU5909 GU 900M Sector3 900 Filter 1. Always for 900 technology reuse existing 900 filter. 2. Keep the jumper between Antenna and Filter as it is. 3. Install new jumper between 900 filter and 900 RRU5909.