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Wired Magazine Analysis - Media Studies

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Wired Magazine Analysis Project - Media Studies A1
Beaconhouse College Campus Gulberg BCCG
- By Hamad Pervaiz

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Wired Magazine Analysis - Media Studies

  1. 1. HamadPervaiz
  2. 2. Audience The average reader of WIRED magazine is between 30 & 50, has an income of $75,000 or greater, and works in the computer or high-tech industry.
  3. 3. Competition Competing magazine titles include MacWorld, PC Magazine, Science. Most competition is more computer or science-related and not as design aware. There is no direct competition in terms of breadth of topics covered.
  4. 4. Access point Access point A bullet-point list on the cover Main Cover Line prominence Linking graphics -to control visual flow Custom cover elements -barcode Cover Line inside graphics First third Hashtag on cover Masthead color changes every issue
  5. 5. September1994
  6. 6. September1994