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Continuity for Health Care Service During a Disaster

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Continuity for Health Care Service During a Disaster
Presented by:
Ms. Narantuya Ulaankhuu – Foreign Affairs and International Project Officer, Public Administration Department, Governor's Administration Office of Sukhbaatar Province in Mongolia
Mr. Tetsuya Kimura – Executive Director of International Business Planning Department, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., Japan
Mr. Tran Van Ninh – Project Coordinator, Autism Mapping Project in the ASEAN Region, Asia-Pacific Development Centre on Disability (APCD), Thailand
Ms. Masdalina Pane – Researcher / Dr. / NIHRD, Ministry of Health, Rep of Indonesia
2019 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme
24-30 November, 2019

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Continuity for Health Care Service During a Disaster

  1. 1. Continuity for health care service during a disaster Team 3
  2. 2. In case of disaster in Indonesia u To saving human life 1. Prediction system and acknowledgement 2. Monitoring system 3. Early warning system 4. People evacuation esp. disability 5. Provide medical care as early as possible 6. Recovering, build back better
  3. 3. Locations of Public health care center
  4. 4. What are serious medical conditions? u Heart attack (stopped by shock) -> AED (defibrillator) u Blood losing -> Blood transfusion u Organ injury -> Immediate surgery Energy shortage (ESP. Electricity)Root cause
  5. 5. Definition of problems Need for energy Criticality for human vital When disaster is occurred … Crucial Matters
  6. 6. Energy used in hospital (normal situation) 52% 4% 8% 36% Gas Space Heating Cooking Other Water Heating Source: https://newlook.dteenergy.com/wps/wcm/connect/dte-web/home/save-energy/business/tips+by+business/health+care 42% 14% 17% 15% 6% 1% 2% 3% Electricity Lighting Cooking Ventilation Other Office Water Heating Space Heating Refrigeration
  7. 7. Medical difficulty during disaster u Surgery, Blood transfusion, Heart cure for affected people u Outage at ICU, HCU and ICCU u Stable vaccine refrigerated storage and so on. Stable vaccine/blood refrigerated storage Outage of HCUSurgery for affected people
  8. 8. Options for preparing energy sources u National Grid electricity + Generator u Renewable + Battery u Integrated (National Grid + Renewable + Battery) Generator BatteryNational Grid
  9. 9. Analysis of benefit and vulnerability using each energy Benefit CO2 emissions Vulnerability National Grid + Generator Cheap cost Higher than others Ø energy disruption losses Ø Limited resource Renewable + Battery Ø Eco-friendly Ø Low maintenance cost Ø Technology development Zero emissions Ø Initial cost is higher than Ø Weather dependent Ø Uses lot of spaces Integrated (National Grid + Renewable + Battery) Ø Low risk of disruption Ø No limited supply Ø 24% less that national grid only Ø 17 % increase than PV+ battery Ø Require integrated battery solution that is still expensive Theoretically,” Integrated” suppose to be better
  10. 10. Life Cycle Analysis and availability for integrated energy source LCA in general Availability in Specific area National Grid + Generator Lower No Renewable /PV/ + Battery Lower Yes Integrated (National Grid + Renewable + Battery) Ø 7% lower than national grid Ø 22% lower than PV Yes Practically, 1st -> “Integrated”
  11. 11. How to implement u Prioritization 1st : Battery installing Hospitals which will be made safer area. 2nd : Battery installing existing Hospitals. u Further discussion point u Who pay? u More resilient system for stable operation.
  12. 12. Project Structure (Draft) Activity Implementation duration Collect data 3 - 6 months Communicate with National / local community 1 - 2 months Cost estimation (including LCA) 1 month Evaluate impact (Social, Environment, Economics, Well- being) 1 month Decision making including fund raising 1 – 3 months
  13. 13. Thank you very much маш их баярлалаа.s ありがとうございます Xin cảm ơn Terima Kasih Banyak