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Existential Crisis Management - SearchLove 2014

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Existential Crisis Management - SearchLove 2014

  1. 1. Existential Crisis Management @hannah_bo_banna Hannah Smith Content Strategist, Distilled
  2. 2. @hannah_bo_banna seo is *not* dead
  3. 3. @hannah_bo_banna
  4. 4. @hannah_bo_banna
  5. 5. @hannah_bo_banna but seo is constantly evolving
  6. 6. @hannah_bo_banna ranking 1st doesn’t mean what it used to
  7. 7. this is the fold @hannah_bo_banna BBC rank 1st
  8. 8. it’s not just informational queries either @hannah_bo_banna
  9. 9. this is the fold @hannah_bo_banna SkyScanner rank 1st
  10. 10. @hannah_bo_banna google are even targeting some companies’ branded terms
  11. 11. @hannah_bo_banna MoneySuperMarket’s organic listing is above the fold - but Google are being very aggressive
  12. 12. you used to be able to build an amazing business @hannah_bo_banna just by being great at seo
  13. 13. in the future that’s unlikely to be enough @hannah_bo_banna
  14. 14. @hannah_bo_banna as a consequence, seos are being asked to do different things
  15. 15. @hannah_bo_banna get us links! clients of yesteryear
  16. 16. @hannah_bo_banna get us press coverage, social shares, & exposure [links] on sites our target audience reads clients today
  17. 17. so whilst clients might not explicitly ask us @hannah_bo_banna to help them build a brand
  18. 18. @hannah_bo_banna many of the things we do today look a lot like brand building
  19. 19. that’s why I’m giving this presentation today @hannah_bo_banna
  20. 20. @hannah_bo_banna but it’s a big ask
  21. 21. @hannah_bo_banna because, brand apathy is rife
  22. 22. “In Europe and the US, consumers would not care @hannah_bo_banna if 92% of brands ceased to exist” source: http://dis.tl/brand-apathy
  23. 23. that means consumers would only miss @hannah_bo_banna 8% of brands source: http://dis.tl/brand-apathy
  24. 24. @hannah_bo_banna building a brand is *really* tough
  25. 25. particularly on ‘seo’ retainer budgets @hannah_bo_banna
  26. 26. @hannah_bo_banna but you know what?
  27. 27. @hannah_bo_banna challenge accepted
  28. 28. @hannah_bo_banna but where do I start?
  29. 29. @hannah_bo_banna first up - what the hell is a brand?
  30. 30. @hannah_bo_banna we have a tendency to use ‘company’ & ‘brand’ interchangeably
  31. 31. but what does ‘brand’ actually mean? @hannah_bo_banna
  32. 32. @hannah_bo_banna brand to impress firmly; fix ineradicably; place indelibly
  33. 33. @hannah_bo_banna therefore...
  34. 34. @hannah_bo_banna a brand is not a brand unless it leaves a lasting impression
  35. 35. & it needs to be a favourable impression @hannah_bo_banna
  36. 36. companies need to build brands that @hannah_bo_banna mean something to people
  37. 37. so I need to build meaningful brands @hannah_bo_banna
  38. 38. @hannah_bo_banna that sounds really f*cking hard!
  39. 39. @hannah_bo_banna existential crisis (for a company) when a company struggles to find a way for their brand to be meaningful for consumers
  40. 40. @hannah_bo_banna existential crisis management (I think this is my job) help companies find a way to make their brands meaningful for consumers
  41. 41. @hannah_bo_banna how on earth do I do that?
  42. 42. @hannah_bo_banna you can learn a lot by deconstructing the success of others
  43. 43. @hannah_bo_banna so I started studying what ‘meaningful’ brands do
  44. 44. @hannah_bo_banna I uncovered 3 core principles
  45. 45. some meaningful brands do all 3 @hannah_bo_banna
  46. 46. some meaningful brands do just 1 or 2 @hannah_bo_banna
  47. 47. @hannah_bo_banna I’ll deal with them each in turn
  48. 48. 1. ‘meaningful’ brands find opportunities @hannah_bo_banna to delight consumers
  49. 49. most people’s interactions with brands suck @hannah_bo_banna
  50. 50. @hannah_bo_banna great interactions stand out & are shared
  51. 51. this is how @smartcarusa responded when someone inferred that a single bird dropping @hannah_bo_banna would total one of their vehicles
  52. 52. @hannah_bo_banna
  53. 53. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is not: ‘make more sh*tty infographics’
  54. 54. I don’t think the infographic out of context would @hannah_bo_banna have yielded any sort of return
  55. 55. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is: ‘going the extra mile to respond in a novel way can yield out-sized returns’
  56. 56. & this doesn’t need to be a resource-heavy activity @hannah_bo_banna
  57. 57. this is how @DunkinDonuts responded to a @hannah_bo_banna customer who asked if their coffee syrups were available on the black market
  58. 58. @hannah_bo_banna
  59. 59. @hannah_bo_banna the team at Dunkin’Donuts have a library of images they use to delight their customers
  60. 60. this is how @ArgosHelpers responded to a @hannah_bo_banna customer who asked when PS4s would be back in stock
  61. 61. @hannah_bo_banna
  62. 62. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is not: ‘people love brands who use slang’
  63. 63. @hannah_bo_banna
  64. 64. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is: ‘if you can speak the same language without being condescending you’ll go far’
  65. 65. this is how @TescoMobile responded to a customer who claimed their network @hannah_bo_banna was a ‘turn off’
  66. 66. @hannah_bo_banna
  67. 67. @hannah_bo_banna whoa! that is *really* close to the line
  68. 68. @hannah_bo_banna
  69. 69. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is not: ‘be a dick to people who are dicks to you’
  70. 70. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is: ‘a well-judged, ‘cheeky’ response can travel’
  71. 71. @hannah_bo_banna to do this you need a deep understanding of your audience what can you get away with? what’s funny & what’s just rude?
  72. 72. @hannah_bo_banna be mindful - there is a line...
  73. 73. but it’s not just interactions that delight @hannah_bo_banna
  74. 74. @hannah_bo_banna sometimes just being nimble delights consumers
  75. 75. @hannah_bo_banna
  76. 76. @hannah_bo_banna
  77. 77. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is not: ‘you need a bit of luck’
  78. 78. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway here is: ‘be ready, willing & able to take advantage of opportunities as & when they arise’
  79. 79. @hannah_bo_banna if @Arbys hadn’t tweeted that someone else probably would have & they wouldn’t have benefitted
  80. 80. so, we’ve covered off principle 1: ‘meaningful brands find opportunities to delight @hannah_bo_banna consumers’
  81. 81. 2. ‘meaningful’ brands give people the ability to @hannah_bo_banna define themselves to others
  82. 82. @hannah_bo_banna this is a little tougher to parse - let me talk you through it
  83. 83. have you ever thought about why you share what you share on social media? @hannah_bo_banna
  84. 84. @hannah_bo_banna why did I tweet this?
  85. 85. @hannah_bo_banna
  86. 86. I didn’t think about it too much at the time @hannah_bo_banna
  87. 87. but I’ve thought about it some more since @hannah_bo_banna
  88. 88. I’m embarrassed to admit that I posted that because I was on my own & bored @hannah_bo_banna
  89. 89. @hannah_bo_banna ...it worked like a charm
  90. 90. @hannah_bo_banna yay! with twitter fwends you need never be bored
  91. 91. fortunately I don’t just share stuff like that, @hannah_bo_banna I also share stuff like this:
  92. 92. @hannah_bo_banna
  93. 93. because I want people to think I read hbr.org @hannah_bo_banna
  94. 94. because I want people to think I’m smart @hannah_bo_banna
  95. 95. @hannah_bo_banna
  96. 96. because I want people to think I have an excellent @hannah_bo_banna sense of humour
  97. 97. @hannah_bo_banna
  98. 98. because I want people to know where I stand on @hannah_bo_banna important issues
  99. 99. I share things to shape other people’s @hannah_bo_banna impressions of me
  100. 100. on social media I have two modes: @hannah_bo_banna cries for help (oh the shame!) & defining myself to others
  101. 101. @hannah_bo_banna it’s not just me, we all do this
  102. 102. @hannah_bo_banna but not necessarily consciously
  103. 103. 68% said they share things via social media @hannah_bo_banna to give people a better sense of who they are & what they care about source: http://dis.tl/psych-of-sharing
  104. 104. this is an excellent place for brands to play @hannah_bo_banna
  105. 105. brands can give people the ability to define @hannah_bo_banna themselves to others...
  106. 106. I don’t *necessarily* mean stuff that @hannah_bo_banna literally defines people:
  107. 107. @hannah_bo_banna
  108. 108. brands can also help people define themselves to others @hannah_bo_banna by creating things people will ‘look good’ sharing
  109. 109. @hannah_bo_banna
  110. 110. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway is not: ‘do stuff on vine’
  111. 111. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway is not: ‘#f*ckyeah science’
  112. 112. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway is: ‘create something tangentially related to your brand, that people will look good sharing’
  113. 113. @hannah_bo_banna in a similar vein ‘meaningful’ brands create commercials that don’t feel like commercials
  114. 114. these are things people ‘look good’ sharing @hannah_bo_banna
  115. 115. @hannah_bo_banna touching? awkward?
  116. 116. http://dis.tl/wren-kiss @hannah_bo_banna
  117. 117. my desire was to create something @hannah_bo_banna that was interesting to people beyond a fashion angle... Melissa Coker ~ Wren
  118. 118. [it’s] an interesting film that exists on its own, rather than something that feels @hannah_bo_banna like a commercial… Melissa Coker ~ Wren
  119. 119. @hannah_bo_banna it definitely got people talking
  120. 120. @hannah_bo_banna 92m YouTube views & coverage from over 1300 sites
  121. 121. but this isn’t just a video content play @hannah_bo_banna
  122. 122. when oreo turned 100, they created @hannah_bo_banna 100 pieces of content over 100 days
  123. 123. @hannah_bo_banna
  124. 124. the campaign got over 1m facebook ‘likes’ @hannah_bo_banna & thousands of pieces of press coverage
  125. 125. this highly topical content put the cookie the centre of people’s conversations @hannah_bo_banna without being self-serving
  126. 126. @hannah_bo_banna speaking of being self-serving, here’s what not to do
  127. 127. 45 days worth of planning went into this tweet @hannah_bo_banna
  128. 128. source: http://dis.tl/erm-wtf @hannah_bo_banna
  129. 129. @hannah_bo_banna yuck
  130. 130. I’m really not sure what the thinking behind @hannah_bo_banna this was
  131. 131. source: http://dis.tl/erm-wtf @hannah_bo_banna
  132. 132. @hannah_bo_banna it just looks like a commercial...
  133. 133. the only people who will ‘look good’ sharing this @hannah_bo_banna are people who wish to prove their social media expertise by ridiculing others who don’t get it
  134. 134. I’m guessing this wasn’t the intention @hannah_bo_banna
  135. 135. @hannah_bo_banna so, we’ve covered off principle 1: ‘meaningful brands find opportunities to delight consumers’ & principle 2: ‘meaningful brands give people the ability to define themselves to others’
  136. 136. @hannah_bo_banna still with me?
  137. 137. 3. ‘meaningful’ brands stand for something above & beyond their products or services @hannah_bo_banna
  138. 138. this is tricky to explain in the abstract so I’m going to shoot straight to the examples @hannah_bo_banna
  139. 139. @hannah_bo_banna
  140. 140. BrewDog’s values are pulled from punk subculture, they are anti-establishment & @hannah_bo_banna believe in individual freedom
  141. 141. so when Dead Pony Club ale was ‘banned’ @hannah_bo_banna because the phrase: "rip it up down empty streets" was printed on the label... http://dis.tl/sorry-not-sorry
  142. 142. @hannah_bo_banna
  143. 143. @hannah_bo_banna
  144. 144. & Mark wasn’t the only one who loved @hannah_bo_banna their response
  145. 145. but it’s not just about sweary press releases @hannah_bo_banna
  146. 146. @hannah_bo_banna
  147. 147. when you embrace values like that, @hannah_bo_banna your creative looks like this:
  148. 148. http://dis.tl/nike-greatness @hannah_bo_banna
  149. 149. @hannah_bo_banna to be clear - that is exceptional creative
  150. 150. @hannah_bo_banna & it’s powerful because nike aren’t talking about how their trainers enhance your performance
  151. 151. they’re talking about celebrating everyone’s @hannah_bo_banna athletic endeavours
  152. 152. standing for something beyond your products & services @hannah_bo_banna is most potent when it could cost you
  153. 153. @hannah_bo_banna when Mozilla got a new CEO, OKCupid showed this message to Firefox users:
  154. 154. @hannah_bo_banna why should you do this?
  155. 155. @hannah_bo_banna
  156. 156. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway from this is not: ‘align your brand with a cause & win the internet’
  157. 157. @hannah_bo_banna the takeaway is: ‘taking a bold stance on a relevant issue, even if it could actually hurt your business can create a lasting impression’
  158. 158. @hannah_bo_banna so here’s where we’re at:
  159. 159. @hannah_bo_banna principle 1: ‘meaningful brands find opportunities to delight consumers’ principle 2: ‘meaningful brands give people the ability to define themselves to others’ principle 3: ‘meaningful brands stand for something above & beyond their products & services’
  160. 160. how has this shaped the way I work today? @hannah_bo_banna
  161. 161. overarchingly it’s made me much more @hannah_bo_banna mindful of what we’re doing
  162. 162. but much of this I can’t affect right now @hannah_bo_banna
  163. 163. sadly, to date, no one’s offered me several million @hannah_bo_banna to create them an ad like Nike’s
  164. 164. @hannah_bo_banna this is the place we play most frequently at the moment
  165. 165. @hannah_bo_banna principle 2: ‘meaningful brands give people the ability to define themselves to others’
  166. 166. 396k visits 354 LRDs 19,4k facebook ‘likes’ 6.5k tweets @hannah_bo_banna
  167. 167. we made this to appeal to people working in the @hannah_bo_banna creative industry
  168. 168. we think people shared this because it: @hannah_bo_banna made them look smart and/or made them look interested & interesting and/or made them look literary
  169. 169. 360k visits 54 LRDs 50k facebook ‘likes’ 1.6k tweets @hannah_bo_banna
  170. 170. we made this to appeal to people who @hannah_bo_banna love reading
  171. 171. we think people shared it because it enabled them to share this love of reading @hannah_bo_banna oh, & maybe brag, just a little
  172. 172. 2m visits 961 LRDs 102k facebook ‘likes’ 4.4k tweets @hannah_bo_banna
  173. 173. we made this to appeal to music fans @hannah_bo_banna (& music journalists)
  174. 174. we think people shared it because it allowed them @hannah_bo_banna to express their opinions
  175. 175. so we’re trying to create things that people @hannah_bo_banna ‘look good’ sharing
  176. 176. & we’re seeing success with that approach @hannah_bo_banna
  177. 177. @hannah_bo_banna but more importantly
  178. 178. we’re taking the time to try to understand the @hannah_bo_banna brands we work with better
  179. 179. so our creative work is better aligned with @hannah_bo_banna the brand’s values
  180. 180. @hannah_bo_banna & it’s opening doors for us
  181. 181. we’re getting access to people higher up in the @hannah_bo_banna organisations we work with
  182. 182. & we’re able to do better work as a result @hannah_bo_banna
  183. 183. this industry is filled with incredible talent @hannah_bo_banna
  184. 184. you are bright, passionate & hard-working @hannah_bo_banna
  185. 185. @hannah_bo_banna you are curious
  186. 186. you take stuff apart to figure out how it works @hannah_bo_banna
  187. 187. @hannah_bo_banna you build stuff for fun
  188. 188. @hannah_bo_banna you thrive on being outside of your comfort zone
  189. 189. @hannah_bo_banna build a brand on shoe-string?
  190. 190. @hannah_bo_banna challenge accepted
  191. 191. @hannah_bo_banna
  192. 192. @hannah_bo_banna good luck out there x
  193. 193. Hannah Smith Content Strategist, Distilled caffeine addict; book worm; would really like a unicorn... send cat pictures or questions to: hannah.smith@distilled.net @hannah_bo_banna
  194. 194. @hannah_bo_banna moar stuff! how to produce content people will share http://dis.tl/MJ-share how to produce better content ideas http://dis.tl/MJ-idea lessons in virality from axl rose http://dis.tl/HS-axl
  195. 195. @hannah_bo_banna credits barney - http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lw7a6htwhy1qif1s5o1_500.png quote - http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/the-best-feeling-is-doing-what-people-say-you-can-not-do-motivational-quotes. jpg pharrell - http://www.ibtimes.com/arbys-blasts-pharrells-grammys-hat-twitter-can-we-have-our-hat-back-1548140 if you have a body - http://www.swimbikerunningonempty.com/1/post/2012/12/five-things-friday.html Big love to to the wonderful Distilled folks who helped me put this together: Beverley Reinemann, Duncan Morris, Jess Champion, Lynsey Little, Mark Johnstone, Paddy Moogan, Phil Nottingham, Rich Westenra, & Will Critchlow