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TRAINING - CC2014 UNIT4 Agresso Presentation


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TRAINING - CC2014 UNIT4 Agresso Presentation

  1. 1. Hany Banoub 9 October 2014 TRAINING: WHY IT MUST A KEY SUCCESS FACTOR?IS
  2. 2. OVERVIEW 45 min Q&A at end And then with Training Team
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE Why Training MUST be seen as a KEY SUCCESS FACTOR in the implementation of any Agresso solution? Agresso implementations can only FULLY SUCCEED if TRAINING is given equal consideration during project Planning and Maintenance Failure often leads to poor END USER acceptance of systems change & ultimately threatens the ROI
  4. 4. I’M GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT 3 THINGS TODAY Pain Solutions How we can help
  5. 5. ERP IMPLEMENTATION Challenging; Many FAIL Common reason of failure: Lack of Training Training: OVERLOOKED Millions spent on Software Potentially wasted? By not investing in People...who implement & use ERP!
  6. 6. 13 COMMON ERP MISTAKES.. Poor Planning Underestimate time & RESOURCES And? Not investing in TRAINING!
  7. 7. MORE EVIDENCE: TRAINING IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS! 6 Keys to Effective ERP Training Training = Vital to Success of ERP! No ERP can succeed w/o Employee Training ERP Imp = Significant CHANGE to way Employees work! Training is FUNDEMENTAL *part* of ERP Imp 6 Keys to managing change = heavy emphasis on Training!
  8. 8. EVEN MORE EVIDENCE! Why ERP Training is *MORE* important issue During validation & Business Case of ERP Companies establish BUSINESS GOALS: + Productivity, + Output From their *employees* Training Plan for employees = meet Business Goals All employees = Upskilled to right level of Training Per ROLE in ERP: PT, MGT, Sys & Tech Teams, and…End Users!
  9. 9. TRAINING IS CRITICAL “If you don't make training & frequent communication with users a top priority. You will end up owning a very expensive version of Excel.”
  10. 10. WHAT IS SOLUTION? Time & £ to Imp ERP Time & £ Employees > Masters! Invest in YOUR People = NOT just Software YOUR people meet YOUR Business Goals!
  11. 11. TRAINING IS NOT AN EXPENSE Don’t view Training as an Expense! CRITICAL part of ERP Not only Initially… During *ENTIRE* Lifecycle Refresher Training Evaluate People Strengths, Weakness & HOW to SOLVE Budget & Plan as *PART of ENTIRE* investment!
  12. 12. WHAT IS TRAINING? Training covers 3 key points Involving Teaching Motivating Connects Empowers Inspires
  13. 13. INVOLVING Who? Everyone! • Stakeholders • Senior Management • Project Team • End Users
  14. 14. GROUPS On Track? Key Deliverables? How we manage/enable deadlines = met? OUR teams able to complete tasks? How we Ensure/support? Stakeholders
  15. 15. PROJECT TEAM As undergo Training Understand how to Imp THEIR business in Agresso Involved = Seeing and Doing! All Hands On
  16. 16. EXAMPLES How to imp W/F Business Process OPTIONS How Agresso BESPOKED to fit Business Req How Account Rules Determine Data Entry Immediate REPORTING benefits = realised! Actually SEE how Imp will improve Business Become EMPOWERED in Training by doing! Agresso Workflow Agresso Financials
  17. 17. CONFUCIUS I hear & I forget I see & I remember I do & I understand
  18. 18. WHAT ELSE HAPPENS IN TRAINING? Connected = Colleagues & UNIT4 PT Skills closer UNIT4 Consultants SPEAK same language = CONNECT By Empowering & Connecting Training = Inspires & Motivates PT to BUILD their BUSINESS in Agresso!
  19. 19. IN ADDITION... To Connecting, Empowering, Inspiring Confidence breeds achievements Achievements Implement ERP! Training builds CONFIDENCE!
  20. 20. BUT THAT’S *NOT* ALL TRAINING DOES Training = Nature  Awareness of PT roles & responsibilities Training = Encourages & Demands  Pro-active Achieving Milestones = SDD, IST, UAT, GO-LIVE People learn: Not to wait, Chase up, Anticipate events & PREPARE Obstacles = identified early; NO Surprises Training inspires PLANNING & ACTION!
  21. 21. SENIOR MANAGEMENT & STAKEHOLDERS Awareness Proactive Obstacles Preparation Fed back from TRAINING PROMPT SM & ST = ACTION Further Support? Planning? Resourcing? Business Ack = Project as Planned Training = Connected Empowered Inspired
  22. 22. TRAINING IS THE GLUE Binds People to Common Goal: Successful Imp of THEIR ERP system! Training is Heart of entire Project!
  23. 23. WHAT ABOUT ? Not involved YET Learn that ERP = On track? Feel Positive Environment Feel SIMILARLY Awareness & Demo Sessions ‘ADEM’ TRAINING LITE
  24. 24. TRAINING LITE = ADEM Awareness & Demo ADEM Keep EUs Updated Selling benefits Ex: Replace Paper Proc with ERP Automation ALL based on THEIR business
  25. 25. ADDRESS CHANGE! If Business = Restructure / Reorganise AND change their Business Processes EUs feel HEARD & INVOLVED Aware/Ready for CHANGE
  26. 26. WHAT ABOUT END USER TRAINING? Majority of your Employees! Fundamental = Trained to DO THEIR JOB in Agresso Confidence = In THEIR system Experience THEIR Role & how connected to Business & People Actually see changes & benefits & what it means TO THEM Bespoke EU Training – Prior Go-live…When build is Complete Change / Exp / New Responsibilities Management
  27. 27. SUPER END USERS Must have hands-on Training Champion ERP! ALL EUT Inc = Sandpit Remember EU Training = User EXPERIENCE in THEIR system!
  28. 28. END USER EXPERIENCE When EUs have good experience Become natural PR Genuinely excited by THEIR new Agresso system
  29. 29. ONE MORE THING... YOUR End Users are the of YOUR company Should NOT be budgeted out / ignored in any truly successful implementation!
  30. 30. WHAT CAN UNIT4 TRAINING DO FOR YOU? Quality Training
  31. 31. WHAT CAN UNIT4 TRAINING DO FOR YOU? Training Feedback from YOUR workforce FROM: PT, ADEM, EU, SEUs EU TNA &Training Plans Based on YOUR BUSINESS NOT = How Agresso MY JOB in Agresso
  32. 32. BLENDED TRAINING Hands On F2F Train The Trainer ADEMs Manuals / Reference Guides Elearning 100% Bespoke on YOUR Agresso Build & Business
  33. 33. OUR SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE HELPS YOU Prep, Prep, Prep for your People Remember: Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail
  34. 34. YOUR PEOPLE COULD EASILY SAY THIS: • "(the training provided a) greater understanding of how the business works" • “Training was centred around our processes and Trainer demonstrated such knowledge that one delegate thought Trainer was one of our employees” • "Brilliant training and an exciting new system!" • "Trainer was well informed - we asked many questions" • Trainer’s enthusiasm for the system is contagious and encouraged everyone to join in the training and asking questions • Trainer made a dry topic interesting and relevant. • Excellent - small class size helped in giving time for discussion and critical appraisal of processes and methods • Trainer ability to translate our business processes and application configuration into the courses delivered was extremely first-rate
  35. 35. QUESTIONS Discussions welcome