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How to choose a Document Management System (DMS)

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What is Document Management System (DMS)?
How to choose a Document Management System (DMS)?
Features of a right Document Management System (DMS)
1 File structuring
2 Collaboration
3 Disaster Recovery
4 Cloud based remote access

Recommended Document Management System (DMS)?
1 Pinpoint
2 Dokmee
3 eFileCabinet

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How to choose a Document Management System (DMS)

  1. 1. .
  2. 2. 5 Organization Dealing with lots of Physical Document Organization Dealing with lots of electronic document locally Organization having the need to access documents from any location
  3. 3. DMS allows access to documents from anywhere and anytime Great Level of Security by setting permissions at different level No or very little organizational changes required, providing great benefits Recent DMS are affordable hence it is not heavy on the account Better time management in a cost effective manner improving the performance 6
  4. 4. Can the document management system integrate into your core business systems such as accounting, ERP etc? Will the document management system provide end-to-end complete solution? Does the software have well established customer base to cater to the needs of different sectors of the organizations? Is there an after sales support in terms of dedicated support team who can quickly respond to technical queries? Is the document management system easy to use and user-friendly? Does the supplier provide enough training sessions? 7
  5. 5. 8 File Structuring Easy to use File management System Collaboration Easy sharing and access to documents Disaster Recovery Efficient data back-up plan Cloud Based Remote access to documents
  6. 6. 9 PINPOINT-BEST OVERALL Cost Available On Request Platforms Mac/Window/Linux Business size Small , Medium large Deployment Cloud/ On premise Highlights Built in document handling capability. Built in electronic signature feature. Version control to monitor and review documents . Track user actions. Free trial download available. Excellent customer support.
  7. 7. 10 DOKMEE-Best Low cost System Cost Starter: Free Basic: $29.95 per month Professional: $39.95 per month Business: 59.95 per month Enterprise: 99.95 per month Platforms Any web broweser Business size Small , Medium large Deployment Cloud/ SaaS Highlights Low cost affordable. Pay only a monthly fee for the service. Five price plans. Easy to use filing structure. Online accessibility. Mobile app. Backup included. .
  8. 8. 11 E file Cabinet-Best forVirtualTeams Cost Performance: $50 per user/m Professional: $65 per user /m Enterprise: Price on Request Platforms Mac/Window/Linux Business size Small Deployment Cloud/ PC Highlights Secure cloud based and desktop storage solution. Login into the system from any computer or mobile device. Role based permission setting e Signature integration. File sharing &Version control. Workflow management. Mobile app. Ability to create templates. Backup service (for desktop .
  9. 9. 12 http://www.smemaxx.com/document-management-software