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Doing things the right way

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Doing things the right way

  1. 1. DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAYNick Stringer, Director of Regulatory Affairs IAB
  2. 2. Social media under regulatory spotlight...
  3. 3. Having some guidelines in place is a good thingi. Uphold the integrity of the medium / your brand / client. Distance yourself from the cowboys!ii. Deliver true self-regulation. We can’t always rely on legislation / regulation / self-regulation to police the sector.iii. Social media is a growing & important marketing channel. We want the party to continue…
  4. 4. Get familiar with the rules – www.cap.org.ukSelf-regulatory rulesBritish Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion & Direct Marketing:“the CAP Code”Supplements legislation, fills in gaps.Enforced by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).Covers non-broadcast advertisingThe InternetNewspapersBillboardsCinemaStates that all marketing communications:• Should be legal, decent, honest & truthful.• Should not cause serious or widespread offence; exploit a consumer’s inexperience; mislead, cause fear or distress; or condone/encourage unsafe practice/violence.
  5. 5. New rules for social media
  6. 6. What do the rules cover?• Advertising rules for ‘paid for’ advertising now apply in social media.• This covers:  Age-restricted products eg gambling, alcohol  Marketing to children – including unhealthy food products.  Environmental claims.  Health & beauty products and therapies.  Weight control.  Financial products.
  7. 7. Supporting good practice
  8. 8. If in doubt just ask!www.copyadvice.org.uk www.iabuk.net
  9. 9. Five Top Tips1. Get familiar with the rules – www.cap.org.uk2. Reassure your clients that you adhere to the rules and that their communications will be transparent and ethical3. Ensure that someone on your team (or your client’s team) is able to monitor what’s going on in your social media spaces, to make sure you find anything inappropriate before the public do!4. Follow any guidelines that support the rules & that help you to comply5. If unsure, just ask! www.copyadvice.org.uk / nick@iabuk.net
  10. 10. THANKS!nick@iabuk.netwww.iabuk.net/regulatoryaffairswww.twitter.com/nickstringer