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Cyber Scotland Connect: Welcome & Purpose Statement

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We'll aim to do a brief intro to the event and an overview of our Mission Statement + Purpose (we promise to keep the boring stuff short!)

Our aim is to mix some short interactive sessions with some Q&A's, some brilliant speakers and other bits and pieces to hopefully deliver some real value to people attending.
Slides by: Stuart Turner
Website: https://cyberscotlandconnect.com/

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Cyber Scotland Connect: Welcome & Purpose Statement

  2. 2. INFORMAL COMMITTEE “We have set up an 'Informal Committee' that will ensure the group stays true to its purpose. The group has not been set up to benefit any one individual, nor be a vehicle for self-promotion or sales activity. Rather, it is intended to be a place where people of all levels of technical and professional experience can engage and share ideas and best practices”.
  3. 3. COMMUNITY BASED GROUP “This MeetUp is intended to be a community-based group – we want to encourage interaction with the members, both at events and out with. The administrators of the group wish to be directed on topics and talking points by the members both in advance of the meetings and during them”.
  4. 4. NON-CYBER / INFO SEC EMPLOYEES WELCOME! “Individuals who are not currently employed within the Cyber & Information Security are more than welcome to join the group and be present at events”.
  5. 5. INTERACTION, COLLABORATION & FUN “The structure of our MeetUp events is intended to be interactive, collaborative and fun. Our vision is to hold a wide variety of meetings including smaller workshop based events, right through to the more widely recognised and structured keynote speaker type event. We are also open to holding centrally based, lunchtime meetings for short, sharp knowledge sharing. Ultimately, we will be driven by demand and the ideas of the group members as to what routes to go down.