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  2. EAT SLOWLY Chewing your food helps improve digestion and eating slowly prevents overeating which leads to prevention of obesity.
  3. DRINK MORE WATER . This ensures that your body and mind remain energetic throughout your day and in keeping your skin good among many other benefits.
  4. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES They are a great source of vitamins and minerals which can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease along with aiding in maintaining a healthy gut.
  5. SLEEP WELL Experts suggest that we get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Good sleep assists you in boosting your immune system, enhancing your focus, mood, memory and performance.
  6. WORK OUT Engaging in regular physical activity and exercise can strengthen your bones and muscles and ensure better weight management and also can reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression.
  7. LAUGH When we laugh, we breathe deeper and take in more air, which stimulates our heart, lungs and muscles and our brain releases endorphins which positively places us in a happier cum healthier state.
  8. AVOID AND ADD 1.Sugar 2.Salt 3.Alcohol 4.Smoking 5.Processed Food
  9. a. Meditation b. Yoga c. Deep breathing d. Take a break e. Go easy on yourself STRESS MANAGEMENT
  10. POSITIVE PEOPLE When you spend time with positive people you’ll feel energised and motivated and it becomes much easier to stay focused on your end goals.
  11. THINGS YOU ENJOY Research shows that when you engage in interests you enjoy, you're more likely to have lower stress levels, a lower heart rate, and a better mood. You're also more likely to engage in the world around you.
  12. THANKYOU!!! For your time and attention.