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Haruthai En 9-2016

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Haruthai En 9-2016

  1. 1. Page 1 of 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Candidate : Ms. Haruthai Potchananapasiri (Ploy) Gender : Female Age : 34 Years old (Born: Feb 09, 1982) Nationality : Thai Marital Status : Married Height : 154 CM Weight : 51 KG Health : Stated to be excellent Home : Samutsongkram, kanchanaburi, Thailand Current Base : Pakchong, Nakornratchasima, Thailand Overall English ability : Good Mobile phone : 099-462-5952 E-Mail address : potch.429@gmail.com Education Background : Master in Agro-Industrial Technology Management Kasetsart University (The study of attitude of consumer in Bangkoktowards Thaisilk pillow case) : Bachelor in Fishery Product(as Food Science) Kasetsart University (Independentresearch is Soup powder from Sardine’s head by value added of by product) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. Page 2 of 6 Career (1) PresentEmployer : Mars pet care (Thailand), Nakornratchasima Business Type : Pet Food Manufacturing (US Company) Duration : June 2011 – present (5 Years) Position : (1) Quality Improvement Technician (2011-2015) (2) Productimplementation 2015 – now Reporting To : Regional Quality & Food safety Manager Responsibility 1. Leading in quality term of Costsaving improvement production line / Kaizen project, representative to support all quality data needed and ensure all approved project can be implemented properly without quality risk impact such as Reduce stream energy using, verify by product raw material for instant whole fresh raw material. Successproject: - Improved efficiency of running in production by reduce size of meat chunk by the way customer didn’t notified ay changing 2. Validated Capability of current and new process, new raw material and machine by statistic of all projects which are related quality product by statistical analysis Success projects: - Reduced quantity of raw material (Lava fish - Shirasu) in finished goods for gain profit and support sustainability strategy (saving 50% of raw material’s cost) - Change new source of Chicken raw material for reduce cost (15 MB/year) - Reduced energy of stream using and maintain raw material quality (Fish oven and Chicken oven reduced energy saving 1MB/year) 3. Working as Cross –Functional teamwith Process Engineer, R&D, marketing, logistic and Operation team to verify, analyze the failure root cause and methodology development and implement to ensure product’s quality meet standard requirement. Success on implement project-New transportation of retort pouch sending from supplier 4. Ensure goodquality of raw materials and packaging entire supply process since receiving ,storage till line supply
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 5. Successof Implement traceability system success project is implement barcode scanning system for line production for improve traceability 6. Coordinatedwith external warehouse in transport improvement project, Improve way of working for operation work flow changing smoothly. 7. Support complaint from customers in investigation part and root cause analysis. 8. Working as HACCP team: to be committee for generate system, audit in factory annually and analyze if company has new raw materials, new processing, new activity that related HACCP process. 9. Initial document to submit DLD registration and support document for foreign market, implement new recipe and support formula document to any market Successprojects: - Registered PET recipes to DLD more than 10 - 15 recipes/year - Generated support document for register any certificated such as Certificated of free sale, Health Certificated more than 50 SKUs/year - Contact with foreign Market to import finished goods to sale in Thailand and SEA, recommend Thai regulation and provide document to submit DLD 20 SKUs/year
  4. 4. Page 4 of 6 (2) Employer : Agro-industrial technology management department, Faculty of Agro-industry Business Type : Research center Duration : September 2009 – April 2011 (1 Years 8 Months) Position : Assistance Researcher Reporting To : Project Researcher (PhD level) Responsibility 1. Collecting and preparing data export for creating database system. (refer ACFS project) 2. Preparing tilapia’s samples for testing by Laboratory. 3. Selecting aquaculture and supportdata by interviewing farmers. 4. Ensure all accuracy of research data collection and system record. 5. Prepare all data and research issue for meeting and others support. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full time study : October2008 – September 2012 (MasterDegree) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (3) Employer : Thailuxe Enterprises PLC, Samutsongkram Business Type : Aqua Feed Production Duration : July 2004 – October2007 (3 Years 3 Months) Position : Research & Development staff Reporting To : R & D Manager Responsibility 1. Experiments Planning according to formulator’s order. Successproject: - Generated processing of Tilapia such as 2. Product registrationwith Nation’s Fisheries Departmentin order to comply with fishery’s law. There’re more than 20 recipes/year were registered
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 3. Internal Auditor to ensure all area complied with Sanitation plan and HACCP Control. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. 6. Page 6 of 6 Training 1. Sanitation Control Procedures for Food Processors Course. By IAFBO (International Association of food and Beverage officials) Kasetsart university and FDA. 2. Basic Coursein Seafood hazard analysis and Critical Control Point ( HACCP) Course. By IAFBO (International Association of food and Beverage officials) Kasetsart university and FDA. 3. HACCP and apply for fishery processing industry Course. By Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University. 4. Food Additives Usable Technique for Industry Course. By National Food Institute. 5. The Effective Development of HACCP system Course. By National Food Institute. 6. The Quality management System Auditor Training Course. (ISO 9001:2000, GMP, HACCP) By QMR (In house training), Thailuxe Enterprises PCL. 7. Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty Course. By National Measurement Institute, Australia and National institute of Metrology (Thailand). 8. Internal QMS Auditor Training Course By LRQA 9. Hygienic design in Food Industry By FoSTAT 10. ISO22000 : 2015 training By SGS (2016) 11. GMP and PRP training By SGS (2016) 12. FMEA training (Thailand productivityinstitute) (2016) Other - Have car and driver’s license.