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Parent ski trip 1st meeting snowunion

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Ski Tip Information 2019

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Parent ski trip 1st meeting snowunion

  1. 1. Draft Itinerary - Travel Friday 15h March PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 1 .00 pm  1.00: Meet at Hinckley Football Club, Leicester Road, Hinckley(children will be boarded in their group order – Mr Armstrong to supervise boarding)  14.00: Leave from Hinckley venue  16:00: Arrive at services approx 3 hours  Approx. 17:30 – 18:30: Arrive at Dover.  20:15: Depart from Dover by Ferry. Saturday 16th March  7:00: Breakfast stop.  Approx. 12:00: Arrive at the resort Thursday 21st  Approx. 19:00: Depart from Austria after dinner. Friday 22nd  Approx. 10:00: Arrive at Calais (French Time).  14:30 – 17:30: Return to Hinckley (venue to be decided)- pupils will contact parents with ETA We will ask the students to phone from a service station stop on the way home to give an estimated time of arrival. It will also be posted on parentmail. Please ensure someone is available to take the phone call from 13:00 onwards. Pupils will need a contact number.
  2. 2. Ski Hire & Clothing Requirements  Ski Clothing/ Items  Hat, gloves, goggles, ski socks, sunglasses, face/lip sun screen protection (at least factor 30), leggings/thermal underwear (top and bottom), refillable bottle.  Hiring your clothes. (Do not buy a helmet or hire one in UK – we do not have the room to transport them). www.snowunion.co.uk  Ski hoodie (provided by school) – to be worn for travelling - not skiing! This will be given to pupils during the week before departure.
  3. 3. Money  Pupils will require a packed meal and/or £ sterling to purchase a meal en route (services/ferry). Packed food for breakfast or approx. €20 for breakfast/lunch stop.  Pocket Money  We will collect €50 euros (in ten euro notes please) and £15 notes(sterling) for breakfast on the ferry (return journey) at the parent meeting on Wednesday 21st February 2019 – 6.30pm.  The above includes €10 for helmet hire which is paid in resort and €40 will be given to your child at intervals during the week which can be spent on any extras they may wish to purchase (drink, food, sweets etc.).  Any extra money you wish to give your child is your child's responsibility and will not be collected in. Pupils may have an opportunity to spend at services, on the ferry or visit the local village shops where they can shop if they wish.  PLEASE BE AWARE – Last year, one pupil spent 45euros on Kinder Eggs!
  4. 4. Hotel Ennstalherhof
  5. 5. Where we ski…..
  6. 6. Nursery Slope
  7. 7. A typical day…….  7am Rise and Shine?  7.30 am Breakfast  8.30 am Collect skis and boots from Hotel storage  8.45 am Depart for the slopes  9.30 am Meet instructor  10am – 12 pm Ski/Board  12pm Lunch  1pm – 3pm Ski/Board  3.30pm Return to Hotel to wash and change. Possibly go into village before dinner.  6 pm Dinner  7.30pm Evening Activities  All times approximate and subject to change
  8. 8. Webcams  Alpendorf  http://www.alpendorf.com/en/summer/alpendorfgo ndola/wetter-webcams.html  Wagrain  http://www.skiamade.com/en/winter/news/webca ms/salzburger-sportwelt/wagrain/3716  Flachau  http://www.skiingaustria.co.uk/flachau/flachau- webcam.html