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ICIC 2013 Conference Proceedings Jane List Extract Information

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Untangling the scientific information web
Jane List (Extract Information Limited, UK)
Professional users of information expect their sources to be reliable, secure, complete and current Microsoft Academic search, Google Scholar, and Elsevier’s scirus all provide access to academic scientific, technical, legal and medical information. All three provide search of academic journal articles, theses, ebooks, abstracts, and conference papers from academic publishers, universities, and professional societies. This paper will review the three search engines by comparing inclusion criteria, ranking methodology, citation analysis, link analysis, visualisation, social media and collaborative tools. Could a professional search service depend on Elsevier, Google or Microsoft to straighten out the tangled web of published academic information? More recently reference management tools have entered the scientific search arena, for instance Mendeley, and Qiqqa. These tools are rapidly growing content of cited articles which users can access through social networking linkages and user added search tags. This paper will conclude by considering the searching opportunities offered by reference management products; could they offer users a real alternative to the ranked results search engine?

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ICIC 2013 Conference Proceedings Jane List Extract Information

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  2. 2. Untangling the scientific information web: Jane List Monday 14th October 2013 Extract Information Ltd www.extractinfo.info © Extract Information Limited
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  4. 4. Overview Review and How useful are these tools to professional patent searchers for retrieval and full text document retrieval? © Extract Information Limited
  5. 5. Patent information professionals search the scientific literature • (Non-Patent Literature) for prior art (patentability and invalidity) and competitive intelligence. • WIPO PCT minimum documentation list 191 journal titles • Scientific* literature differs from patent literature in that:  multiple and varying formats –2,000 publishers, conference proceedings, books.  not always easy to determine the exact publication date  SEARCH of complete text not always possible  VIEW-ing the complete text is dependent on Copyright restrictions © Extract Information Limited
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  8. 8. Patent information professionals use of secondary sources. Documents cited directly to internet Primary research & S. Adams, WPI, 2012, Survey of PCT search reports – internet as source of NPL. © Extract Information Limited
  9. 9. Search Overview Search criteria Preferred Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search Article Title 89% No No Author(s) 68% Advanced search Advanced search Journal Title 6% Advanced search Advanced search Institute 2% No Advanced search Publication Year 30% Yes Advanced search Subject Categories n/a No 15 broad categories Related articles n/a By Link By keyword Cited references 24% No No Citing references n/a Yes Yes Type of literature n/a books, conferences, journals conferences, journals http://scholar.google.co.uk/ http://academic.research.microsoft.com/ url © Extract Information Limited
  10. 10. Full text articles and more…. View / download criteria Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search doi yes yes Export citation No BibTex : RIS : RefWorks Link to Publisher yes Yes Direct download Yes (from author / institute) Through ResearchGate Profile Yes Yes Cumulative citation map No Yes Author network No Yes Rightslink Yes Publisher dependent © Extract Information Limited
  11. 11. Google scholar © Extract Information Limited
  12. 12. Microsoft Academic Search © Extract Information Limited
  13. 13. Reference management / search challengers: Mendeley Qiqqa Year founded 2007 2010 Cost? Free version available - $$ Free version available - $$ Stores PDFs Yes Yes Annotate PDFs Yes Yes Share papers Recommends papers based on own collection Yes Yes Collaborate yes yes url www.mendeley.com/ www.qiqqa.com © Extract Information Limited
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