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How to break the vicious circle of volume recruitment

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Caught in a vicious circle, recruiters dealing with high volumes of applications are hiring the wrong people in a desperate bid to fill their frontline roles. At the heart of this vicious circle is an inadequate recruitment process. Read more to find out Hay Group's top tips to improve your recruitment process.

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How to break the vicious circle of volume recruitment

  1. 1. How to break the vicious circle of volume recruitment
  2. 2. In a desperate bid to fill their frontline roles, 37% of volume recruiters are knowingly hiring the wrong people.
  3. 3. They are being overwhelmed with applications for every role.
  4. 4. 45% of organizations receive 51-100 applications per role
  5. 5. 45% of organizations receive AND 51-100 applications per role
  6. 6. 45% receive of organizations 51-100 applications per role AND 26% of organizations receive 10,00120,000 per year applications
  7. 7. The problem is... only 12% of these applicants are likely to have the right skills for the job.
  8. 8. Sound low? Some people have strong customer service skills... 40% 12% 37% $ Only 12% have both ...and some are great at selling
  9. 9. It’s like trying to find needles in a haystack.
  10. 10. So it’s not surprising that 62% of recruiters are struggling to find the right candidates.
  11. 11. 29% of recruiters said providing a positive experience for each candidate is their biggest challenge...
  12. 12. 29% of recruiters said providing a positive experience for each candidate is their biggest challenge... AND
  13. 13. 29% of recruiters said providing a positive experience for each candidate is their biggest challenge... AND 28% said it’s screening out unsuitable applications.
  14. 14. They are stuck in a vicious circle of volume recruitment.
  15. 15. It all begins with an inadequate recruitment process...
  16. 16. 49% of recruiters do not conduct any valid assessment of a candidate’s ability or personality.
  17. 17. And only 47% conduct structured interviews.
  18. 18. 31% of recruiters believe hiring the wrong person for the role is driving turnover.
  19. 19. They are right…
  20. 20. 57% of companies with large numbers of frontline staff have an annual turnover rate of between 20-50%
  21. 21. High turnover has a huge impact. bad for everyone It’s involved.
  22. 22. The cost implications are huge. 48% of recruiters say it costs $8,200- $16,300 to replace an employee.
  23. 23. The pressure on line managers will increase.
  24. 24. Morale of the remaining staff will likely be damaged.
  25. 25. Staff who leave are likely to share their disappointment with their network. Which means…
  26. 26. The brand of the company will suffer.
  27. 27. And recruiters need to start their job all over again.
  28. 28. Imagine a recruitment process which allows you to identify and select the best frontline staff quickly and cost-effectively. $
  29. 29. They will perform better.
  30. 30. Your recruitment costs will go
  31. 31. Your recruitment costs will go DOWN
  32. 32. Your bottom line will go
  33. 33. UP Your bottom line will go
  34. 34. Everybody wins.
  35. 35. The good news is that recruiters can break out of the vicious circle by improving their recruitment process. 3 Here are our top recommendations
  36. 36. Match the key requirements of the role with a candidate’s competencies. Start by deciding which competencies and traits are key to success in a role. Then you can target candidates who fit that profile. The right combination is likely to include both customer service and selling. If you recruit candidates who are at least ‘average’ in these two, you can then provide training to further up-skill them.
  37. 37. Review which assessments you’re using – and when you’re using them. There are two secrets to effective volume recruitment. One is to screen out unsuitable applicants as early as possible. The other is to create an efficient and consistent process that can be replicated in every location, so that local managers can make better quality and quicker hiring decisions. If you use inconsistent selection methods across different sites, applicants of varying quality will be appointed. Objectivity and consistency.
  38. 38. Ensure the process is engaging for candidates. Recruitment is a rejection process as well as a hiring one – many organizations forget the impact this can have. Providing candidates with feedback gives them something useful from the experience. It supports them in finding a suitable role in the future and it reinforces your employer and consumer brands. In many cases your candidates will be your customers. Treat them like customers.
  39. 39. Find out more about best practice volume recruitment in our whitepaper. Stay in touch with us online www.atrium.haygroup.com @haygroup /company/hay-group /HayGroup Survey background In July 2013, Talent Q conducted a survey of 102 UK organizations that hire 200+ frontline staff each year in sales and customer support roles. The survey was completed by senior level professionals, including managing directors and HR managers, from organizations in the following sectors/industries: Professional Services, IT & Telecoms, Retail, Catering & Leisure, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Utilities, Architecture, Engineering & Building, Sales, Media & Marketing, Finance, Travel & Transport and Education.