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2014 International ICT Leading seagulls projects#20
2014 Uluslararası Lider Martılar Projeleri_ No 20

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  1. 1. ED 313 PROJECT SPRING2014
  3. 3. OTHERING *simge-etkiliiletisim.blogspot.com
  4. 4. CONTENT  Literature Review  Article 1  Article 2  Brainstorming  What is othering?  Othering people  Racism  Fishbone Diagram  Matrix Diagram  Pareto Diagram  Survey Results  Suggestions  Gannt Card  References
  6. 6. ARTICLE 1: ÖTEKILESTIRME VE IŞLEVLERI There are lots of definitions about the concept of ‘other’. In the most rational way, ‘other’ is the personal definition of who is not ‘us’. The most favored function of ‘other’ is that the concept of other is the key that can open many doors. That’s why it is important to study about the concept of ‘other’. Özçalık, Sevil (2009).” ötekileştirme ve işlevleri”. http://www.daplatform.com/images/otekilesme%20ve%20islevleri.pdf
  7. 7. Every difference like religion,gender,education,skin color can be an issue for othering. Generalizations such as “Every black person is aggressive” , “all European act immorally” are very crucial reasons of why there is othering. Most people do not accept that generalizations are indeed limited with time and place. This is one of the problems about generalisations. For instance; a German person mostly think about a couple of Turkish people’s behaviour are same for all Turkish people. ARTICLE 2: ‘BİZ’LİK, ‘ÖTEKİ’LİK, ÖTEKİLEŞTİRME VE AYRIMCILIK Hakan Yılmaz (2010): “ ‘Biz’lik, ‘Öteki’lik, Ötekileştirme ve Ayrımcılık” https://attachment.fbsbx.com/messaging_attachment.php
  9. 9. WHAT IS OTHERING? o Removing from a person or a group of people due to seeing as ‘other’, labelling them as bad amd harmful and trying to destroy these ‘others’ or to assimilate them.. o In order to live in peace, we should not see anyone as ‘other’ and not think they are bad. We can only create peace in such a tolerant culture. http://www.agos.com.tr/oteki-otekiler-otekilestirme-6341.html
  10. 10. OTHERING PEOPLE We dont forget every person is a complex bundle of emotions, ideas, motivations, reflexes, priorities, and many other subtle aspects It’s easier to dismiss them as being in some way less human, and less worthy of respect and dignity, than we are. Considered as minorities in Turkey are exposed to some marginalized communities . Minorities live among us with lifestyles and traditions, which make them different in our evaluation of these features has caused them to other. InTurkey some of the minorities are Kurds who constıtute the largest stateless nation in the Middle East. People live ın Tukey who feel themselves as other out of the Kurds are describes as Türk. Since these people want to feel unsure in tehir living area.
  11. 11. When they are forced to show that they are different,it may lead to split personality. With this treaty anyone other than Muslims are Turkish and their religion was considered as Islam. As seen in tis case people are deprived of their liberty. Prof. Dr. Binnaz Toprak bir süre önce kamuyla paylaştığı “Türkiye’de Farklı Olmak” adlı araştırmasına ilişkin bilgileri paylaştığı konuşmasında, özellikle Anadolu’da AKP hükümeti yüzünden kamu kurumlarında, Alevi ve Romanların çalışmasına izin verilmediğini, bu kişilerin “ötekileştirildiklerini” söyledi.(MİLLİYET - GÜLAY FIRAT / İstanbul - 26.4.2009)
  12. 12. RACISM Racism is the most extreme othering . Racism does not occurs suddenly ,it occurs in a period of time. In Turkey racism and ethnic discrimination are prevalent in its society and throughout its history. This racism and ethnic discrimination is also institutional against the non- Muslim and non-Sunni minorities. This appears mainly in the form of negative attitudes and actions by Turks towards people who are not considered ethnically Turkish. Such discrimination is predominately towards non-Muslim minorities such as Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, and others, as well as hostility towards various interpretations of Islam such as Alevis, Sufis, and other Muslim non-Turks such as Kurds.
  14. 14. MEDIA CAPITALIST SYSTEM POLICY HUMAN Why did the concept of other emerge? Language games Unethical Behaviours The effort to create rival class The relationship based on other- ’we’ Demand to create supporters The effort to protect power Perceiving the differences as threat The understanding of different = Perturbator Religious views The effort to have power Patriarchal society structure
  16. 16. Grup Üyeleri Media Policy Capitalist System Human Kübra 4 7 5 6 Sultan 5 6 4 7 Başar 3 6 5 7 Zeynep 4 5 7 6 Sum 16 24 21 26 % 18,40 27,50 24,10 30
  17. 17. PARETO GRAPH 30% 24% 28% 18% Pareto Human Capitalist System Policy Media
  18. 18. o The Topic is decided with matrix diagram is human, so we have covered some solutions for it. o Being tolerant is crucial to fight with othering.Families and teachers have great responsibility in this situation.They have to get a series of seminars about othering and being tolerant.These seminars will be beneficial for parents in order to reach their children and treat them. OUR SUGGESTIONS
  19. 19. o Inorder to overcome othering people have to get rid of the structure of class society.Besides, people need to perceive the problem of othering as an international responsibility. o Individual has to identify and understand and accept himself/herself, after that he/she can accept and understand others realities. o People realize that differences are cultural beauties.In order to breakdown the prejudices,families and teachers must be educated.Government support symposiums,forums and social debate to educate those families and teachers about othering. o With those, othering will be decrease and it can provide a stable environment
  20. 20. SURVEY
  21. 21.  This questionnarie was answered by 1181 people who are older than 18 in a variety of cities in Turkey.
  22. 22. 1. WHO ARE WE? OUR IDENTITY PREFERENCES 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 TC citizen Turkish muslim ethnic identity
  23. 23. 2. Can the rights of bisexuals be restrained? 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 yes no
  24. 24. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 yes no 3. Can the rights of atheists be restrained?
  25. 25. 4. Can the right to change religion be forbidden? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 yes no
  26. 26. 5. Can the languages other than Turkish be forbidden? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 yes no
  27. 27. 6. If you know you will not be welcome, do you express your identity? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 yes no
  28. 28. 7. Do you think there is discrimination against women? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 yes no
  29. 29. 8. Do you think religion classes based on Sünni faith is a discrimination against Alevi people? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 yes no
  30. 30. GANNT CARD
  31. 31. Expected Observed STEPS WEEKS 1 2 3 4 5 PLAN Identify topic Approval Literature review and target identificaiton Cause-effect analysis Approval of the man cause Solutions for the future Determined solution tactic DO Preparing survey & data collection CHECK Analysis of data ACT Conclusion & suggestions Preparing PPT & report Self-assessment PRESEN TATION Doing presentation
  32. 32. REFERENCES Bezirgan Arar, Yurdagül ve Nuri Bilgin (2009).”Gazetlerde Ötekileştirme Pratikleri: Türk Basını Üzerine Bir İnceleme”. İletişim Kuram ve Araştırma Dergisi:30, 1-15. Özçalık, Sevil (2009).”Ötekileştirme ve İşlevleri”. http://www.daplatform.com/images/otekilesme%20ve%20islevleri.pdf Toprak, Binnaz ve İrfan Bozan, Nedim Şener, Tan Morgül,(2008).”Türkiye’de farklı olmak: din ve muhafazakarlık ekseninde ötekileştirilenler”.ii, 186 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 978-975- 518-301-5 Yılmaz, Hakan. 2010. “ 'Türkiye'de 'Biz'lik, 'Öteki'lik, Ötekileştirme ve Ayrımcılık: Kamuoyundaki Algılar ve Eğilimler”. Açık Toplum Vakfı ve Boğaziçi Üniversitesi tarafından eş katkıyla desteklenen araştırma projesi. Köksal, Hayal (2014). “İmece Circle”. ED313 Conflict Resolution • http://www.sosyalistforum.net/makaleler/47656-otekilestirme.html • http://www.ayracdergisi.com/?p=7157 • http://www.siyasalbirikim.com.tr/artikel.php?artikel_id=1954 • http://blog.milliyet.com.tr/otekilestirmek-korkusu/Blog/?BlogNo=304196 • http://haber.stargazete.com/yazar/otekilestirme-dun-kurtlere-bugun-turklere/yazi- 832000 • http://www.psakd.org/yazarlar/asimilasyon_aleviler.html