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Choosing Pieces for Furniture Refinishing Projects

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Choosing Pieces for Furniture Refinishing Projects

  1. 1. Choosing Pieces for Furniture Refinishing Projects By Hayley Ninnis
  2. 2. Introduction • Art and crafting enthusiast Hayley Ninnis regularly exercises her creativity. Among Hayley Ninnis’s creative pursuits are furniture refinishing projects. When a person refinishes an old piece of furniture, he or she works to take it out of a state of disrepair and make it new and beautiful again. However, when shopping for old furniture, it is important to understand that some pieces are better candidates for refinishing than others. Shoppers should be wary of pieces that have been painted over, as the paint might be hiding issues like water stains with the wood of the furniture.
  3. 3. Furniture Refinishing Projects • Oftentimes, a worn-out piece with just varnish on it might be a better buy. Additionally, it’s important to assess the overall quality of the piece. Generally, furniture pieces made in the first half of the 20th century have superior craftsmanship than those manufactured later. Testing the sturdiness of a piece by trying to sway it slightly can reveal whether or not it needs to be disassembled and re-glued, a time-consuming and often complex process.