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How We Use LinkedIn to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

At Hays, we are committed to using LinkedIn in a way that benefits you and ultimately helps you achieve your career goals. Every day, we create and share valuable content with you - whether you are looking for a new job or building a team.

Here's how we use LinkedIn to help you achieve your career goals:
• We create and share content every day to help you, whether you are looking for a new job, or building a team.
• Our market-leading presence on LinkedIn allows us to support you throughout your career journey, helping you to achieve your goals.
• Our senior leaders use LinkedIn every day to share their invaluable insights and expertise with their connections and followers.
• For our recruitment consultants, maintaining a leading position on LinkedIn enables them to provide the best service possible to you.
• Our consultants are keen to use LinkedIn to keep in touch with you and to share jobs, news and careers advice with their networks every day.
• It’s been a long journey for us, but there’s been so many milestones we’re proud of:
• 2012: We were the first recruitment firm to implement cross system awareness
• 2014: We were announced as the fifth most influential brand on LinkedIn in the UK
• 2015: We were the first recruitment firm to reach one million followers
• 2015: Alistair Cox, our CEO and LinkedIn Influencer, was amoungst the UK’s most viewed leaders on LinkedIn
• But it doesn’t stop there…in 2016 we were named as the most Socially Engaged Global Staffing Firm by LinkedIn
• Being ‘socially engaged’ for us is another way of putting you at the heart of what we do.
• So we want to say a big thank you to you – our clients, candidates and followers.
Not following us? Follow us today for industry-leading advice and insights on the world of work: http://linkedin.com/company/hays/


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