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How U.S. Advisors Use Texting to Drum Up Business [Infographic]

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An infographic highlighting the key reasons why advisor-client texting shouldn't be ignored.

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How U.S. Advisors Use Texting to Drum Up Business [Infographic]

  1. 1. To find out how your company can leverage compliance-enabled text messaging, visit www.hearsaysocial.com. SOURCES: FORRESTER, MORGAN STANLEY | VENTURE BEAT, CONNECT MOGUL | SUTHERLAND ASBILL & BRENNAN | IDC INFOBRIEF | VELOCIFY | © 2016 HEARSAY SOCIAL, INC. text messages are sent in the U.S. every day 6B of financial services firms are currently using or plan to use text messaging with customers and employees 80% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/791% But there are risks when advisors text their clients. The number one source of fines by FINRA is e-communication (including routine audits and for-cause issues). Yet, many companies see text messaging as a key component of customer and employee communications. Done right, texting with a prospect can significantly improve conversion. Text messaging is everywhere. Nearly everyone has their mobile phone on them at all times and uses it to send text messages. Texting is the most effective and efficient way to stay in touch with clients.NEW of texts are opened and, of those, 90% are read within 3 minutes98% rise in fines related to e-communications in 2013 132% Text messaging has a major impact on client experience, client retention, and business continuity. higher conversion for prospects who are sent text messages versus those who aren’t WHY FINANCIAL SERVICES CAN’T IGNORE ADVISOR-CLIENT TEXTING WHY FINANCIAL SERVICES CAN’T IGNORE ADVISOR-CLIENT TEXTING of financial services companies believe that text messaging has a considerable or major impact on brand awareness.83% Texting is here to stay. It’s an effective communication channel for advisors who want to reach clients and prospects instantly. In 2016 and beyond, it will be more important than ever for firms to have proper supervision over their advisors’ and agents’ text messaging activities.