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Academic Libraries & Open Educational Resources: Developing Partnerships

  1. Academic Libraries & Open Educational Resources: Developing Partnerships ALA Annual Conference Orlando, FL Saturday, June 25, 2016
  2. Academic Libraries & Open Educational Resources: Developing Partnerships ACRL Program Evaluation
  3. Panelists Heather Blicher Online Learning Librarian Northern Virginia Community College Extended Learning Institute Jeremy Smith Digital Projects Manager in Scholarly Communication University of Massachusetts Amherst John Shoppert Director of Library Services Columbia Gorge Community College (OR) Moderator Robert Kelly Coordinator of Library Services Hutchinson Community College (KS)
  4. Quick Audience Survey (1)Get out your cell phone (or other mobile device) (2)Go to (3)Type in the game pin
  5. OER Overview
  6. “Teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. -William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  7. Types of Open Educational Resources
  8. What makes OER open? The 5Rs ▷ Retain ▷ Reuse ▷ Revise ▷ Remix ▷ Redistribute
  9. ▷ Free: Free to access online, free to print ▷ Open: Re-use, Revise, Remix, Redistribute ▷ Creative Commons: Free and open allows author to share with others but retain copyright What is an Open License?
  12. Free vs Open Resources Cost to Students Permissions To Teachers & Students Commercial Textbooks Expensive Restrictive Library Resources Free Restrictive Open Education Resources Free 5Rs
  13. Why OER?
  14. Why OER?
  15. 2014 survey of 264 students in OEI classes Student Choices
  16. 2016 survey of 54 students in OEI classes Student Choices
  17. Seeding the Soil Developing Open Education
  18. Connecting Librarians to OER Educate yourself Align your strengths to your contributions Get involved & educate others
  19. Librarians as: ▷ Resource/Guide ▷ Researcher ▷ Content creator ▷ Curator ▷ Copyright Go-to
  20. Library OER Guide
  21. Access Over 10,000 students have completed an OER course Student Success 9% average increase of student success in OER courses Affordability Students saved $1,500,00 since Fall 2013 Outcomes
  22. ▷ Achieving the Dream Grant ▷ OTN Campus Leader Program (VIVA) ▷ OER-based General Education Certificate Program (online) ▷ 2 OER-based Associate of Science degrees (online) ▷ Zx23 Project (VCCS) ▷ zELI Open Degree Pathway (online)
  23. Seeking Solutions Open Education Initiative
  24. The OEI is a faculty incentive program that encourages ▷The creation of new teaching materials and models ▷The use of existing open (free) information resources ▷The use of library subscription materials ▷The development of open technologies
  25. COLLABORATION ACROSS CAMPUS Libraries Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development Academic Computing
  27. FACULTY SUCCESS STORIES Carlos Gradil ● Animal Sciences 421: Fundamentals of Reproduction ● Cost Savings to date: $7,680 Miliann Kang ● Women’s Studies 187: Gender, Sexuality and Culture ● Cost Savings to date: $8,475 Hossein Pishro-Nik ● Electrical and Computer Engineering 314: Introduction to Probability and Random Processes ● Cost Savings to date: $25,833
  28. Faculty Project Types Adopt Replace commercial textbook with open textbook Adapt Combine existing OER, library resources, and newly created material Create Create entirely new open course materials
  29. GO - Gorge Open Columbia Gorge Community College
  30. GO - Gorge Open Commercial Textbook Alternative Program Columbia Gorge Community College The Dalles, Oregon
  31. Library as Gateway ▷Resources ▷Research ▷Fair use ▷Faculty Liaison “Gate”, John Schoppert is licensed under a CC - BY Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  32. Talk isn’t Cheap, It Takes Time ▷Administration ▷Faculty ▷Bookstore & Foundation ▷Student Government ▷Outside Media ▷Listservs -
  33. Build a Brand
  34. Student Assessments Q: Would you take another course using open resources? “I loved that I got to use the articles that we were asked to use, and apply our knowledge creatively.” CGCC OER course assessment
  35. Build partnerships grants funded - ● Community college collaborations ● K12 / CGCC OER development ● Oregon OER CC coordinator Oregon HB2871- “The OER bill” ● $1.1 mil. Grant funding for both 4-year & 2-year institutions ● Oregon OER coordinator ● Requires designation of OER classes in schedule
  36. OER Challenges
  37. OER Challenges ▷Bookstore pushback ▷Time “Textbook Canyon” by Alan Alfaro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.
  38. OER Challenges ▷Lack of awareness ▷Faculty: the second wave Opening the Curriculum: Open Educational Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2014 is licensed under a CC - BY Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Report available at:
  39. OER Challenges ▷Lack of central location of OER ▷Funding: sustainability - OER fee? “veleta* Quijote y Sancho” by Jacinto Iluch Valero is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 2.0 Generic License.
  40. OER Trends
  41. State-wide Initiatives Zx23 Project (VA) A one-year grant-funded project to support the Virginia Community College System’s goal of creating zero textbook-cost Degrees to be available at all 23 VCCS colleges. ▷ Statewide community college OER program OR. HB 2781 ▷ Funds 2-year & 4-year college’s OER projects Massachusetts Go Open
  42. OER Trends - Achieving the Dream
  43. OER Trends - K12 OER ● #GoOpen K12 teams will develop a strategy for the implementation of openly-licensed educational materials. ● Commit to replace at least one high school textbook with openly- licensed educational materials in the next year. ● Document and share their implementation process.
  44. OER Trends - Dept of Labor Advantages to requiring a CC BY license on DOL-funded resources: ● Increases the impact, reach and scalability of grants ● Creates conditions for maximum potential value created from of all resources it funds, more efficiency, and better stewardship of public funds ● Public has access to the education resources it funded ● Innovative and entrepreneurial uses of openly licensed materials are enabled ● Resources are available for reuse by anyone
  45. OER Assessment
  46. 5 year data at UMass Amherst Total Savings Over Time By College College # of Students per college Savings per college over time College of Natural Sciences 4,746 $818,168.50 College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1,248 $155,877.00 College of Humanities & Fine Arts 875 $117,727.00 College of Engineering 739 $133,722.00 College of Education 703 $74,283.00 College of Nursing 117 $15,900.00 Honors College 187 $7,835.00 Stockbridge School of Agriculture 275 $37,058.00 Isenberg School of Management 282 $7,682.25 School of Public Health and Health Sciences 175 $40,779.00 9,347 $1,409,031.75
  47. Material Types
  48. Thanks! Any questions? Heather Blicher Jeremy Smith John Shoppert Robert Kelly
  49. 2016 ALA Annual Conference Planning Committee Chair - Robin Brown, Borough of Manhattan CC, CUNY Lisa Eichholtz, Jefferson Comm & Tech College Deborah Farber, Casa Loma College Robert Kelly, Hutchinson CC (KS) Katie Hoskins, Northern Virginia CC Stephen Phelan, Maricopa County CC Dist Ted Chodock, College of Southern Nevada Cynthia Wetzel, Pearl River CC Monica Lopez, Cerritos College MaryAnn Niles, Middlesex CC Samantha Hines, Missoula College - University of Montana Ashley McMullin, DePaul University
  50. Academic Libraries & Open Educational Resources: Developing Partnerships ACRL Program Evaluation
  51. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ▷ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ▷ Photographs by Unsplash

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  1. I will send panel a screen-shot of survey for feedback. HB
  2. Open is important to faculty Free is important to students