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Social Marketing in the Digital Age - Huntington Beach Edition

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Social Marketing in the Digital Age - Huntington Beach Edition

  1. 1. SOCIAL MARKETING IN THE DIGITAL AGE Hat Trick Inspirations: Heather Davis
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES: Explore Marketing strategies that you may be missing out on.  Go from FRIED out to FIRED up about your marketing efforts Discover what works and how some people have done it  Examples and Case Studies Create your own strategy for implementation  Resources to Get Started.
  4. 4. TIMES: THEY HAVE ‘A CHANGED Get your conventional marketing working with your digital marketing
  5. 5. MARKETING THAT STICKS NEED TO BE ACTIVE (SPRINKLED WITH A LITTLE STATIC). Static Classic Marketing  Newsletters  Flyers & Posters  Press releases  Website*  Email*  Social Media* Active Digital Marketing  Social Media*  Content  Mobile  Search (Paid & Organic)  SEO  Video
  6. 6. This is what your Marketing Plan Should Look Like.
  7. 7. GO FROM FRIED OUT TO FIRED UP ABOUT YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS Flat Repetitive Interruptive Erratic Dull Frequent Interactive Relevant Entertaining Directed
  8. 8. Frequent  You have to interact frequently  Hourly- Daily – Weekly - Monthly  Time of Day  It’s ok to repeat Information – just do it in a different way!  Fun Fact: the life of a Tweet is 5 minutes (or less), so tweet tweet away! Interactive  Your marketing should be interactive  ask questions  take polls  request photos/use photos  create competitions  include pictures  include links
  9. 9. Relevant  Information needs to be relevant to your audience  Age Appropriate  Topics That They are Into  Language: slang & language  Delivery Method  USE YOUR CUSTOMERS! People like to see themselves and their kids – they are going to share that content. So use it! Entertaining  You have about 5 seconds to make an impression  Keep it funny and fresh (but appropriate)  Get to the point  Intrigue them with a headline  Share current events  Why be boring? Do you read or react to boring advertising? Fun Fact: Posts with Images are 5 times more likely to be viewed and 2x more likely to be shared.
  10. 10. Directed Your marketing should have a voice and be directed to the right audience.  Intention  Purpose  Direction  Goals  One Size Does Not Fit All If you don’t know who you want to reach – how do you expect them to find you?
  11. 11. SOCIAL If you aren’t doing anything social, you’re already #failing at reaching your audience
  12. 12. SO… WHERE PEOPLE ARE AT? 1.2 Billion Users on Facebook 490 Million YouTube users per month 87 Million Users on Flickr 343 Million Users on Google+ 150 Million Users on Instagram 40 Million Users of MyFitness Pal 70 Million Users on Pinterest 20 Million Users on Prezi 500 Million Users on Twitter http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/resource-how-many-people-use-the-top- social-media/3/
  13. 13. NOT ON SOCIAL? STILL!?... IN 2013? Biggest Reasons Companies Aren't on Social Sites:  Worry it will decrease productivity  Worry about PR blunders  Worry about legal issues  Afraid of losing control  Have bandwith issues  Scared of it because they don’t know what it is? (It changes so fast)  Aren’t good at it.  Still think it’s a “Fad” (yea, so was Skateboarding, right?)  Check out this site for help with social and government: http://www.howto.gov/social-media
  14. 14. LEAD BY EXAMPLE Get your Higher Ups on Board to lead by example… no matter how old they are. George Takei – 76 years old… has 4.5 Million Followers on Facebook & a show on YouTube, sponsored by AARP
  15. 15. GET ONLINE AND CONNECT. DO: Give Advise Warn Amuse Inspire Amaze DON’T: Talk too much about yourself Be too edgy or offensive Be obscene or rude Ask for likes Bore them to death “People buy from people they know, like and trust.” – Bob Burg Start Sharing… But remember the Do’s and Don’ts:
  16. 16. SOCIAL: WHAT WE Pinterest Share your photos: arts & craft projects, program successes, coaching techniques, etc.  80% of Pinterest Users are women  90% of Pins are Re-pinned =  Large opportunity to create original content and become the lead in your field!  Images work! And it links to your website or other SMS.  VERY SHAREABLE! = Conversation
  17. 17. Find what you want & Post Original Content!
  19. 19. SOCIAL: WHAT WE Instagram A FREE Ap to Share your photos: arts & craft projects, program successes, coaching techniques, etc.  Pictures are Personal & People like to connect with PEOPLE!  Used on smart phones/devices – sharing can me instantaneous  #HASTAGS! … create, use and promote a hashtag so your clients use it when they share photos related to your class! Example: #hbcooking #craftandstorytime - AND #’s are searchable.  VERY SHAREABLE! = Starts a Conversation
  20. 20. GET ON THE #HASHTAG TRAIN #explorediscovercreate #hashtagsareawesome Make sure to pick a #hashtag no one else is using. PROMOTE it on your other marketing materials and at the event. #Hashtags allow people to tag being at your event, class, tag you in posts or comments and more. Then you can search your #hashtags and see what people are doing/saying across multiple social platforms, such as: Instagram Twitter Facebook Vine #nomnomnom http://youtu.be/57dzaMaouXA
  21. 21. MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL - HOOTSUITE HootSuite provides a social media dashboard that helps marketers post, monitor, and measure their social media tools. It allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ throughout the day, and even manage multiple accounts. Additionally, it provides analytics that are essential for marketers to be able to report and figure out how to increase their followers, traffic, and clicks. Similar to other apps, HootSuite can be accessed from your smartphone so you can continue to monitor and engage with your followers at any time. This app is available on all desktops. www.hootsuite.com There’s a free version to manage 5 accounts/streams
  22. 22. CONTENT MARKETING What the heck is this and why do I keep hearing about it?
  23. 23. CONTENT IS KING.. BUT WHAT IS IT? Visual content  Infographics eBooks  Short, downloadable books White Papers  Short, downloadable fact sheets & articles Videos  YouTube, Vimeo, Vine Interactive Media  Apps, games, contests, etc. “The key to epic content marketing: consistently create and share information that packed with UTILITY, seeded with INSPIRATION, and honestly EMPATHETIC to attract customers to you”. - Ann Handley
  24. 24. CONTENT = INFORMATION Create Engaging Content. Your Content should mean something:  30%: Share Personal Information and Expertise  30% Share Company Information and expertise  30% Share information that is interesting and useful. Its’ OK to share from outside sources: repost good stuff!  10% Self Promotion or Selling Stuff People enjoy connecting with people = let them get to know the people behind the agency.
  25. 25. WHY INFOGRAPHICS ROCK AND WHY YOU SHOULD START MAKING THEM NOW.  Demonstrate expertise on your topic  Stand out amongst less visually interesting formats  Take advantage of the fact that 90% of information enters you brain visually  Help visualize statistics for easy understanding  Often go viral – or at the very least – are readily shared  Get increased mileage when you provide the code to embed them  Encourage links back to your site to generate higher traffic  Help heighten brand awareness - Taken From Zabsico
  28. 28. FREE (YES FREE) INFOGRAPHIC RESOURCES Infogr.am Easel.ly Piktochart.com Visal.ly* Embed Code generators: Article: http://blog.hubspot.com/how-to-create- embed-codes-generator-infographic-content-ht Generator: http://www.siegemedia.com/embed- code-generator And create them in Powerpoint! Great resources and templates on the web. Check out hubspot.com for marketing resources. http://offers.hubspot.com/how-to-easily-create-five-fabulous- infographics-in- powerpoint?__hstc=20629287.8e6ec6f3d6fa26aa31064fadef bbe196.1395377157839.1395377157839.1395377157839. 1&__hssc=20629287.2.1395377157840&__hsfp=262429044 1
  29. 29. SAMPLE INFOGRAPHIC LESSON Take the info you’d use in a press release or and expanded version of what's in the SANDS publication: Basics: Who (who is your audience & who is your client?) What (description of your program/class) When (class starts, when registration begins/ends) Where (is the class, where to register) Why (why your class/program rocks) How (call to action: how do they take your class)
  30. 30. Made in about 10 minutes using a free template on www.piktochart.com
  31. 31. MOBILE 2.4 Billion cell users have smart phones with web... 4.5 billion don’t…yet.
  32. 32. Mobile Users are increasing by leaps and bounds every year. Accessibility Ease of Use Upgrades are easy Data Plans are becoming more affordable You can do almost anything, anywhere… so why not connect with your clients? Great Read: 11 Apps Every Marketer Should Download: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/3270 2/11-Apps-Every-Marketer-Should-Download.aspx
  33. 33. EVENTS.. GET THE WORD OUT MORE EXAMPLE: EVENTBRITE.COM www.eventbrite.com Free & Super Easy To Use!! List free events List events with costs Create Personal Event URL to promote it. http://sctcfallmeeting.event brite.com They send a barcode ticket You can download a free check in app to track participation.
  34. 34. EXAMPLE: YELP EVENTS FREE to add events to Yelp. Yelp powers Apple Maps – so people can find you and your events when searching on their iPhones. Yelp also likes to work with communities to help promote events… so reach out to them!
  36. 36. WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? Traditional Marketing Efforts: Digital Marketing Efforts: Efforts to consider during the event/program: Evaluation/Recap: Who’s Your Audience? What’s Your Goal or Outcome? What are your opportunities? What are the challenges?
  37. 37. RESOURCES WE www.Prezi.com - Online presentation tool (you build dynamic presentations & share) www.Slideshare.net -Online presentation tool (you upload and share). It’s a great FREE resource to find presentations too. www.Dropbox.com - Online storage, accessible from any device www.join.me -Free online web conference www.YouTube.com - duh. Start a Channel & post videos Vine (app) -Instagram for 5 second videos. www.Wordpress.org -Open source & FREE blog & website building tool Infographics: www.infogr.am www.easel.ly www.piktochart.com
  38. 38. Instagram (app) -Phone Picture App -create event/program hashtag Ex: #explorediscovercreate QR Code Builder www.visualead.com Social Management www.hootsuite.com www.eventbrite.com -Free online event pages www.yelp.com/events -List Your event for FREE on Yelp www.google.com/+/business -List Your Parks & Facilities for Free & link to Google Maps. Oh, and the hangouts are cool too. Google AdWords www.Google.com/giving www.Adwords.google.com MORE RESOURCES WE
  39. 39. CONNECT WITH US www.explorediscovercreate.com www.hattrickinspirations.com info@hattrickinspriations.com @heatherandtim /hattrickinspriations /heatherandtim3 #explorediscovercreate Heather Davis South Bay Search Marketing Marketing Manager 310-715-8257 heather@sbsearchmarketing.com Timothy Pagano City of Brea Program Specialist II 714-990-7179 timp@cityofbrea.net