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Hamish coates noma tues

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Hamish coates noma tues

  1. 1. Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes Hamish Coates coatesh@acer.edu.au acer.edu.au/highereducation
  2. 2. Rationales for change Building Building capacity and assessmentimprovement collaborations
  3. 3. Rationales for change
  4. 4. What is the “best” university in yourcountry? How do you know?
  5. 5. An experiment 95% 65%
  6. 6. “Standards”, not “standardisation” Generalising thePerformance principles of good assessment will encourage diversification and excellence Minimum standard Score distributions for eight groups (institutions, faculties, subjects, etc.)
  7. 7. Commitment to effectiveness EffectivenessLittle data Happiness data data Elite Mass Universal
  8. 8. Data fortransparency
  9. 9. Plan Data for leadershipImprove Act Evaluate Hunch
  10. 10. Enhanced management, evaluation and qualitymonitoring – to do more, better, with less Higher education growing in significance and Shaping scale: clear rationales for increasing output complexities and ensuring quality outcomesHuge cost and competitive pressures – evidence-basedmanagement helps expand provision with quality Further reliance on flawed, simplistic rankings will constrain growth and prosperity – robust multidimensional perspectives required Internationalisation pervades all facets of teaching and learning, and graduate outcomes – international perspectives are vital
  11. 11. Building assessmentcollaborations
  12. 12. Are valid and reliable cross-cultural/-institutional/- linguistic comparisons of HE learning outcomes scientifically and practically feasible? AHELO at a glance An international feasibility study – not a ‘pilot’ Conceived ~2005, announced 06, scoping 06-09, work 10-13 >300 individuals involved directly ~270 HEIsFor students near end of ‘bachelor degree’, also faculty, nationalmanagers, institutional coordinators, policymakers, expert advisors, etc. Up to 30,000 leaders, faculty, students Design, develop, validate and evaluate Many thousands of public frameworks, tests, infrastructure and processes stakeholders ~$30m total cost HEI reports (not for systems), along with international reports and materials, and recommendations for a main study
  13. 13. „Strands‟ of testingGeneric Skills Economics Engineering Contextual dimension National Context Information Institution Context Instrument Faculty Context Instrument Student Context Instrument
  14. 14. Framework and Tuning AHELO / QAA frameworks Curriculum documents item development Accreditation systems Discipline research Item creation• Outcome specification• Document analysis • Gather existing materials • Qualitative testing• Consultation • Item workshops • Quantitative testing• Synthesis, review • Technical review • Operationalisation • Framework mapping Instrument • Adaptation, translation validation Framework creation • Verification Authentic, hybrid item types ‘Above content’ reasoning Focus on ‘common core’
  15. 15. Linguistically diverse… AHELO Arabic Dutch English Finishworld map Flemish Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Russian Slovak Spanish + Abu Dhabi…
  16. 16. Building capacity andimprovement
  17. 17. Institutional Change positioning horizons System Facultymonitoring improvement Assessment collaborationsStakeholder Policyengagement research Learner feedback
  18. 18. Buildingcommunities
  19. 19. Buildingawareness
  20. 20. Reporting resultshttp://oecdbetterlifeindex.org
  21. 21. Assessment Build frameworks collaborations Produce items Analyse and report Select and useTypes of Definitions Tasks Processes Resultssharing
  22. 22. HowPreparation Establish assessment coordinating centre Translate and collaborations validate instruments work Assessment Select students Engage institutions Administer secure Train institution test coordinators Score responses Prepare for testing Verify and provide Prepare multilevel Reporting data benchmarking reports Distribute reports to institutions Interpretation for monitoring and improvement
  23. 23. Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes Hamish Coates coatesh@acer.edu.au acer.edu.au/highereducation