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The story of an egg from start to finish

  1. The story of an egg from start to finish. Photos and information sourced from
  2. Born into a filthy, cramped cage.
  3. Despite the many nerve endings in their beaks; they are cut off without anaesthetic.
  4. Their journey begins in the same way that it will end. Cramped! Used! Stolen from! Neglected!
  5. The males have no use because they can't produce eggs, so they're thrown in here & ground up ALIVE!
  6. The females get older & are forced to eat, sleep & lay their eggs in a cage. After which it's taken from them!
  7. How do they look to you? Have they been kept well?
  8. When they can't produce eggs anymore or they can't do it quickly; they're cramped again, but this time, in a crate.
  9. The end - off to the slaughter house! Unfortunately for them, ‘the end’ is a long & painful proces!s