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E-tivity 3.4 -               Purpose: to identify the skills and processes used in the
    Review of the                gr...
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Mindmap Group Activities

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review of a working process in an online-course Emoderation

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Mindmap Group Activities

  1. 1. E-tivity 3.4 - Purpose: to identify the skills and processes used in the Review of the group discussions. Group E-tivity Task: Look through the discussions in E-tivities 3.2 and 3.3 comment on the Respond: to the process used and comments of the skills employed others. not practicable wiki for time-management response often too late no vivid diskussions good for sharing wiki: experiences knowledge construcion a little bit too hidden three areas for review 2. Were any e-moderating 3. Was the step by step 1. Do you think the concluding skills in evidence in your process, outlined in summary is a useful group and if so to what ‘Collaborating’, helpful? piece of knowledge? effect? participate konstitution of th group too early generate new ideas too late waiting for others reflect on what we learned in the beginning: too small share this with others recruit new participants sucess finally different time-zones skype conference or char? difficulties to use the tools review online collaboration tools not used in group activity! skype delicious scribd not deep exchange enhanced communication: Are there any improvements you podcasting? could suggest to enhance the process and produce a better outcome? software not instaled screencast wiki well defined questions not waiting working in subgroups working in tandems discussion: Wikidentities