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Content easy guide

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Here is a guide of the most essentials in content marketing for your business.

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Content easy guide

  1. 1. Content Marketing SEO | Buyer Persona | Social Media | Analyze Essentials in content marketing for your organization.
  2. 2. ”Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly- defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action..”
  3. 3. SEO 6 “To Knows” about SEO
  4. 4. Advice 1 Duration of time spent on your blog post.
  5. 5. Do Advice 1. The longer time spent, the higher chance of ranking higher and the page being validated as qualitative and valuable.
  6. 6. Advice 2 Responsiveness
  7. 7. Do Advice 2. You have heard it before. We will say it again. It’s 2015, make sure your web is responsive. How much do you read on your mobile? Same goes for your ideal customer. Make sure they can use your content on their phones. Google takes into account the responsiveness of your site.
  8. 8. Advice 3 Write to your Buyer Persona
  9. 9. Do Advice 3. The content should be written with the aim to help your Buyer Persona. Your Buyer Persona is a fictive person representing an entire segment of your target group. To write qualitative content to your Persona, is maybe the single most important SEO take away.
  10. 10. Advice 4 Social Media
  11. 11. Do Advice 4. Social Media is not only important from a branding perspective for your company. It helps you share the same voice. From a SEO perspective, it is highly important, as the more share will assist in driving traffic to your site and blog page.
  12. 12. Advice 5 Title
  13. 13. Do Advice 5. Make sure it attracts your Buyer Persona. Make it engaging and action oriented. A “how to” title is usually a good bet. “Beginner’s guide of how to write a great article.” Add keywords that appeal to your Persona and keep the title no longer than 55-60 characters. So it will appear full length in search engines.
  14. 14. Do Advice 5. Need help to generate blog titles: http://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic- generator
  15. 15. Advice 6 The tech junkie
  16. 16. Do Advice 6. Although, the quality of the content and duration of stay on the page is critical. Still the importance of the slightly more techie parts is valid: 1.Meta 2.Alt tag on pictures 3.Keywords 4.Links (far most internal links) 5.Keywords in browser title 6.Repeat keyword in main text
  17. 17. Buyer Persona 3 “To knows” about Buyer Personas
  18. 18. Advice 1 What is a Buyer Persona
  19. 19. Do Advice 1. Buyer Personas should represent an entire segment of your target audience. Buyer Personas is essential as to create valuable content. The best Personas are based on market research. But you get a long way by looking no further than to your sales reps and CRM database. Identify commonalities and common asked questions among existing customers and leads.
  20. 20. Advice 2 A set of most important questions to identify
  21. 21. Do Advice 2. 1.What is your Buyer Personas common objectives towards your service? 2.What are their goals within the organization? 3.How would your service help them obtain their goals smarter?
  22. 22. Advice 3 Identify your Personas with a current customer.
  23. 23. Do Advice 3. Identify your Buyer Persona with your current customers. Go investigate on your current customer representing your Buyer Persona. What are their common obstacles, which social networks are they member of, what do they like, what do they share?
  24. 24. Social Media 5 “To knows” about Social Media
  25. 25. Advice 1 Social Media = Spam
  26. 26. Do Advice 1. As long as you keep the content you share, ideally your blog posts on social media, written towards your Buyer Persona. It will not be perceived as spam. Rather as useful information that they would want to spread to their network in return.
  27. 27. Advice 2 Sharing is caring
  28. 28. Do Advice 2. Sharing is caring. Like and engage with your network’s content and they will, if they have any good manner at all, be sure to share your valuable content to their network.
  29. 29. Advice 3 Identify your customers
  30. 30. Do Advice 3. Identify your customers in social channels. What are they liking and commenting on? What groups are they members of?
  31. 31. Advice 4 6 minutes Social work
  32. 32. Do Advice 4. Put aside 6 minutes every morning to share and engage on social media where your Buyer Persona is.
  33. 33. Advice 5 10 loyal influencers
  34. 34. Do Advice 5. Write a list of 10 influencers. Look them up on social media. Connect with them. Share their content. Invite them to co- operate.
  35. 35. Analyze Measure success and improve.
  36. 36. Advice 1 Build your site for conversions
  37. 37. Do Advice 1. In order to be able to track the success of your content efforts. It is essential to add forms on which your contact can leave their information when interested in your service and content that you provide.
  38. 38. Advice 2 Make the site easy to navigate and show case how you can help/serve your Buyer Persona.
  39. 39. Do Advice 2. Make sure your site takes your Buyer Persona down a well thought journey - leading them to a natural next step when browsing.
  40. 40. Advice 3 Follow up what your visitors do on your site to better serve them.
  41. 41. Do Advice 3. Select a few main metrics to measure the success of your content marketing campaign. You want to track: Visitors Visitors/Contacts Of course when it comes to digital marketing you can track in great detail, yet this is a good start.
  42. 42. “Today is a perfect day to start being awesome.” -Team Doidea