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Hampton Court Palace

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One more delicious flashback ! Come with me friends..

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Hampton Court Palace

  1. 1. Hampton Court Palace Helga design
  2. 2. Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames It has not been inhabited by the British Royal Family since the 18th century. The palace has two distinct contrasting architectural styles, domestic Tudor and Baroque
  3. 3. “The King's Guard Chamber contains a large quantity of arms: muskets, pistols, swords, daggers, powder horns and pieces of armour arranged on the walls in decorative patterns. Bills exist for payment to a John Harris dated 1699 for an arrangement believed to be that still seen today”
  4. 4. The palace houses many works of art and furnishings from the Royal Collection, mainly dating from the two principal periods of the palace's construction, the early Tudor (Renaissance) and late Stuart to early Georgian period. The gallery at Hampton Court Palace is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Katherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife, who was executed for adultery at the age of just 19. She is said to have run down the gallery to beg the King to spare her life, but was caught by guards, and dragged away screaming. In 1999, two women fainted in exactly the same spot in the gallery, just 30 minutes apart