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Pssst... It's Time to get Rid of Pre-Printed Forms

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Don’t let pre-printed and outdated electronic output forms hold you back any longer! View this slideshow to learn how effective electronic forms management will speed up your processes, save time, and deliver immediate ROI.

Watch the on-demand webinar on HelpSystems.com.

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Pssst... It's Time to get Rid of Pre-Printed Forms

  1. 1. Pssst… It’s Time to Get Rid of Pre-Printed Forms Go Paperless by Automating Your Key Forms Processes
  2. 2. 2 Richard Schoen Director of Document Management Technologies Your Presenter
  3. 3. Agenda • HelpSystems overview • Common use cases for electronic forms • iForms overview • Demo • Q&A 3
  4. 4. HelpSystems Family of Brands 4
  5. 5. Solution Overview 5
  6. 6. Forms Management 6 Input Forms—Capturing Data (WebForms) • Turn any paper-based form into an online form • Validate data as it’s entered (no re-keying) • Capture signatures on forms • Merge data with fillable PDFs for pixel-perfect output • Store in WebDocs (if form needs to be preserved) Output Forms—Generating Business Output (iForms) • Eliminate pre-printed forms • Generate form document output as PDF, TIFF, Excel, and CSV • Use spool files, text files, XML, and database for source data • Create individual documents or document packets • Print, email, and file automatically to network folder, SharePoint, or WebDocs
  7. 7. Electronic Forms Use Case #1 7 Business Need • Eliminate pre-printed forms and modernize form generation processes
  8. 8. Electronic Forms Use Case #2 8 Business Need Move away from outdated form technologies such as: • Advanced Function Print (AFP) • Printer Control Language (PCL) • Postscript Does form design have to be hard ?
  9. 9. Electronic Forms Use Case #3 9 Business Need Generate high quality POs, invoices, statements, checks, bills of lading, and policies Solution: iForms Electronic Forms • Generate a spool or text file, or utilize database or XML input • Convert these documents and apply overlays, or generate database-driven documents • Print, email, and file automatically to network folder, SharePoint, or WebDocs
  10. 10. Electronic Forms Use Case #4 10 Business Need Create customer letters and other correspondence documents Solution: iForms Electronic Forms • Press a button or function key from business application to queue up letter generation or automate batch processes • Generate a letter as a PDF, TIFF, Excel, or other output document type • Print, email, and file automatically via network folder, SharePoint, or WebDocs
  11. 11. iForms Overview: Electronic Form and Document Design Replace Pre-Printed Forms with Electronic Output Forms: • Generate forms from IBM i spool files or PC text files • Generate forms using SQL database or XML data input files • Output to PDF, TIFF, Excel, CSV, and other formats • Use graphical form and text overlay designer • Assemble document packets • Print form documents to any printer • Monitor output queue or directories • Use IBM i CL commands or universal REST API • Run forms server on IBM i or Windows 11
  12. 12. iForms Overview: Electronic Form Document Design 12
  13. 13. iForms Overview: Convert from Plain Paper to Electronic Forms 13
  14. 14. iForms Overview: IBM i Spool File Merge and Delivery 14 WebDocs
  15. 15. iForms Overview: Data-Driven Documents 15 WebDocs
  16. 16. iForms Overview: Document Assembly API Assemble PDF Document Packets On The Fly • Create complete document packets to send or print • Generate PDF electronic forms via iForms • Insert static PDF files • Insert system-generated PDF reports • Insert drawing or work instruction PDF documents • Print PDF form packet documents to any printer • Use IBM i CL command (IFMASM) or REST API 16 iForm Merge Static PDF PDF Report Drawing Or Work Instruction
  17. 17. iForms Overview: Use Graphic as Form Overlay Use Existing Form Overlays • Re-use form overlay graphics from existing system • Create form overlays from PDF, Word, or other graphic files • Merge existing overlay with database text at runtime • Add graphic elements such as images and barcodes • Re-purpose existing government forms • Minimize initial form design process • Convert easily from other form systems 17 Use database or spool file fields: Items Pricing Invoice Totals
  18. 18. Demo Time
  19. 19. Questions and Answers Please enter your questions in the chat log.
  20. 20. 20 Thank You for Attending 20 For More Information: 2016 HelpSystems User Conference June 20–23: http://www.helpsystems.com/shiftit Website: http://www.helpsystems.com/rjs Telephone: Sales: 800-328-1000 Support: +1 952-933-0609 Technical Experts: richard.schoen@helpsystems.com