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Heat Maps - And What Men and Women are Looking at

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Learn how people are looking at pictures and website using this amazing heat maps technic. Learn much more about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building at www.SeoCustomer.com

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Heat Maps - And What Men and Women are Looking at

  2. 2. Heat map and women Women tend to focus the attention on the face and the torso... Source: thinkeyetracking
  3. 3. Heat map and men While men … well Source: thinkeyetracking
  4. 4. Where the model is looking It isn’t enough with a pretty face. It matters where the model is looking. Source: Grok
  5. 5. Banner ads are not working This heat map is the evidence that the banner ad position is not the best place to advertise Source: Alertbox
  6. 6. You should be above the fold This is why you have to be above the fold on the screen, when you are working with your SEO. The red line shows the fold on the screen. Source: Fruition.net
  7. 7. Heat map and Twitter This shows that you should put the link in a tweet at the beginning of the tweet. Source: HubSpot
  8. 8. CNN Look at the screen from CNN. People are looking at the box to the left of speaker and of couse at the face. Source: CNN
  9. 9. H&M Ad Men spend time looking at the woman. Women spend time reading the rest of the ad Source: Eyetrackshop
  10. 10. H&M Ad Men are not looking at the shoe  Source: Eyetrackshop
  11. 11. Heat map and Facebook Not surprising – we are looking at the faces and pictures  Source: Facebook
  12. 12. Heat map and baseball Women are looking more at the torso, right? Source: CoryGrimes
  13. 13. Headline and pictures This heat map shows that we are looking at the headline and the pictures. Source: Webbyawards
  14. 14. Heat map and football We are focusing on the area in front of the player throwing the ball. Source: Sportundmarkt
  15. 15. Heat map and billboards People still read the text to the left even though there is a large picture of a face to the right. Source: reports-research
  16. 16. Heat map and resume Recruiters spend 6 seconds on a resume – and they focus on name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company , previous position start and end dates and education. Source: TheLadders