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Spin the Traffic Generating Wheel

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How do you spin the traffic generating wheel? These slides will show you how you get started getting more traffic to your website. So now it's time to spin the wheel - ready?

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Spin the Traffic Generating Wheel

  1. 1. Spin the wheel Have you ever heard about the traffic generating wheel? It’s a wheel you will have to start spinning and you can use it for a new website or for a website that is already up and running. To get a traffic coming to your website you need to work with all these elements – a combination of the elements. So are you ready to take a spin with me? Get into my Ferrari
  2. 2. Do you have a goal for your site? Do you have a goal for your website? Is it sale? Or a download? Or a sign up for a newsletter? Or something else? Most of the website I have seen doesn’t really have a visible goal. If you ask the webmaster he or she will say well I want the customer to call our sales people – that is our goal. But then I just asked why I can only find the phone number in a contact us page and not on all the product pages. I will say to find your goals are the most important step of the wheel. And I would write it down on a piece of paper and tape it to the computer. Never forget what your goals are for your website.
  3. 3. You need analytic Which pages are your visitors reading? Where do they come from? How long time do they spend on your site. And you need to set up your goal in the analytic too. If your goal is to have a sign up for a newsletter – you will need to have this goal implemented on your goals set up. You will also need to find your keywords. First of all which keywords will be relevant to your site? Write them down. Then go and check out the competition for these keywords – is it very difficult to get on top of the ranking for these keywords? Maybe you should use a combination – so instead of “cars” you could rank high for the word phrase “blue cars” or “used cars” or even “used blue cars”. Now you will have to check out the searches for these keywords – how many people are searching for “used blue cars” or “blue cars”. No reason to rank high if there is no traffic right? Well you get my point – never work on a website that has no analytic.
  4. 4. Content is king Content is king – so I have been told. This is why you want the customer to come to your site right? Write great content. Something useful for your readers. People should think you give credible information. You are a specialist in your field. So tell your audience what they need to know about your product. Your viewers will return if you are providing great information. This will not bring you a lot of traffic next week or next month – but with great content you audience will grow and grow over time. When you write your content remember that each page has a main keyword. So before writing your content check out the keyword you want to be found for. Another use of your content is article marketing. Use your articles to get backlinks to your website. Yes content is king (and Elvis Presley of course).
  5. 5. Design So you will ask me – Henrik how can design bring me traffic? It can help you in many ways. Let me just mention a few of them here. Navigation – most of your viewers will only spend around 10 seconds on your website (check it out in your analytic – it’s true) so your navigation has to be very clear and clean. If people can’t find the information he or she is looking for – they are gone before you know it. Bounce rate – Google uses the bounce rate in its search algorithm. So if you can lower your sites bounce rate you will get higher in Google searches. If people look at more than one page on your website it will lower your bounce rate. If they only look at one page it will raise your bounce rate. With your design you can make it easier to lower your bounce rate – a simple element as a search bar will lower your bounce rate.
  6. 6. Design Comments – we are now in the time of web 2.0 – so let your viewer make a comment on your web pages. This will raise the engagement of your potential customers. Other great elements could be something interactive on your pages. If you are selling products for saving energy – let people write their energy consumption – before using your product – and let them see how much they will save. This will also bring some valuable information to your viewers and some of them will link to your page. And backlinks are great for your traffic (but more about this later).
  7. 7. Get Social Wow – just a few years ago – this element wasn’t in the traffic generating wheel. But the last couple of years the social element’s importance has just grown and grown. Most of the social media are not helping you to dofollow backlinks to your website. But in the end backlinks are not the goal for our site right? More and more people are using the social networks. The last number I have seen about the Facebook accounts was that 12 percent of all people in the world (!!!) have a Facebook account. And then we have Twitter, Google+ and a lot of other social networks. If you are serious about your website you will need to engage people on the social networks. You will have to join the conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are in the B2B or B2C business.
  8. 8. Get Backlinks Backlinks, backlinks, and backlinks – all SEO people are dreaming about backlinks every night. So if you wake up an SEO guy in the middle of the night he or she will not tell you that the dream was about a wonderful trip to a sunny place – no the dream is about backlinks. In the old days (read about 2 years back) the dofollow backlinks counted for around 50 percent of a ranking. But Google is constantly changing its algorithm, so it might not be 50 percent anymore – because the social media have a growing importance too. But even if backlinks importance are 40 percent or 30 percent or 25 percent – its still an important factor. So make a plan about how to get yours backlinks. Get some . I have many articles on Seocustomer.com to give you inspiration about getting backlinks – it’s not always an easy job I know. It’s also important that you have both do-follow and no-follow links – Google wants your link structure to look natural or else they will punish you. When we are talking links – we also talk external links and internal links on your website. They are all part of the SEO work.
  9. 9. Time to get traffic Time to spin the wheel again and start all over…