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UX Tips for Surveys

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10 tips how to create better surveys for user research.

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UX Tips for Surveys

  1. 1. UX Tips for Surveys Hienadź Drahun
  2. 2. What Are Surveys Good For? •When you need a large and not super specialized sample size; •Work best when you’re interested in gauging attitudes, not past/ current behaviors or future intentions.
  3. 3. Survey Tip 1 Have clear purpose Use survey and particular questions to validate a hypothesis. Surveys are less effective for exploratory study, open-ended questions.
  4. 4. Survey Tip 2 Think shorter Ask only what is essential for your purpose. Better keep the survey succinct and run another in a month or two. Remove the questions you do not need. Know what are going to do with the results.
  5. 5. Survey Tip 3 One introduction is enough Think Twitter-style (140 characters).
  6. 6. Survey Tip 4 Logical order of questions Group related questions and order them in a logical manner. Start with easy general questions to warm-up the user.
  7. 7. Survey Tip 5 Use the right question types •Close-ended (radio-button/ checkbox) Easy to categorize. Difficult to write. •Open-ended Both valuable and vague answers. Difficult to answer
  8. 8. Survey Tip 5 (2) Use the right question types •Rating scales Order the choices from low to high, or left to right. Use an equal number of positive and negative options.  Not balanced Balanced
  9. 9. Survey Tip 6 Use simple, concise questions Keep wording friendly and conversational. Don’t make the users struggle.
  10. 10. Survey Tip 7 Ask one question at a time All questions should relate to one concept. If required, add an extra question to explore the other concept.  2 questions at a time Corrected
  11. 11. Survey Tip 8 Avoid leading questions There should never be a right and wrong answer, suggested socially desirable or emotionally charged answer. Or reference to an authority, other people.
  12. 12. Survey Tip 9 Avoid double negatives Double negatives can make answering questions difficult.  Double negative
  13. 13. Survey Tip 10 Check and Test your survey 1.Verify you’ve included the right questions to fulfill objectives 2.Check for and eliminate question redundancy 3.Always run a spell check 4.Read the questions aloud when proofing 5.Check logic for the appropriate actions 6.If possible, ask someone who has not been involved in preparing the survey to take the survey
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