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Will everitt

  1. 1. “ Crikey! I’ve lost my mojo. “ A British Super Spy
  2. 2. How to find your digital product mojo
  3. 3. Mobilising innovation for blue chips and startups. Creating high-performing teams across Audience, Product and Experience. Adopting Agile enterprise-wide and establishing high scale innovative digital platforms. Director Digital Product and Technology & Startup AdvisorWill Everitt
  4. 4. Who is Pacific?
  5. 5. What happened to our mojo?
  6. 6. The lost decade Focused mainly on print with no digital DNA
  7. 7. How did we find our mojo ?
  8. 8. We chose 4 focus areas Product Process People Technology
  9. 9. Product
  10. 10. “ Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ” Japanese Proverb
  11. 11. Focused on the things that really matter
  12. 12. Stop low value work, work not aligned to strategy, ineffectual work
  13. 13. Start experimenting. we need to try things and see what works well
  14. 14. Continueonce we prove something effective we do more of it and ensure there is a process to share
  15. 15. We defined a product strategy
  16. 16. Mobile-first Video Data Audio A.I. & Machine Learning Beyond Content
  17. 17. • Consumer trends on mobile are increasing. • People are time-poor and want to consume content on the go. • A mobile-first strategy with focus on unique value propositions is key to success. • Premium, trusted and brand safe environments with best-in-class digital experiences increase engagement. • With increased traffic from search and social, there is a need to make Article the new homepage. Mobile-first
  18. 18. • Video is a key enabler to capitalise on today's market trends. • User expectations of content and the richness of the experience it provides have grown exponentially. • The video advertising spend growth rate is at, and continues to grow at, double digit figures. • The dollars are there - so we needed to provide inventory to capitalise on this demand. Video
  19. 19. • The audience is at the heart of everything we do. • Maximising the value of our audience improves monetisation. • Develop concepts targeted at audience growth among high value consumers. • Data is the key asset. Finding it, analysing it, consolidating it and monetising it is paramount. • Get data in one place and create services to dynamically expose information. Data-driven
  20. 20. • Next, we targeted the huge appetite for podcasts matching the exponential growth in smart speakers. • We are competing in the ‘attention age’ and audio is a new way for users to engage with content. • We experimented in creating a suite of podcasts to grow a new revenue stream, increase brand loyalty and attract new users. • Through innovative collaborations, we were a launch partner with the Google Home Hub and held an innovation day with Amazon on Alexa. • We now focus on Voice SEO as the next frontier for where to win audience. Audio
  21. 21. A.I. & Machine Learning • With online content consumption constantly growing, it’s crucial that we take advantage of new technologies to achieve maximum growth. • Harnessing ML yields tremendous value such as, engaging users, increasing profits and making content production more efficient. • As an innovation partner, Amazon has a suite of A.I services to easily integrate with our new tech stack. • Scenarios include content recommendations, user data for personalised experiences, robot journalism and reducing labour and inefficient operations.
  22. 22. • Demand was high from luxury and premium clients to provide a point of difference in the market. • Providing utility beyond content was critical to stand out from the crowd. • We needed to focus on creating a visually striking and engaging toolset and the ability to trial, review and amplify product. • We ideated a range of solutions across the network including but not limited to engaging shoppable widgets, product carousels and immersive experiences. Beyond content
  23. 23. Process
  24. 24. “ If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 6 sharpening my axe. ” Abraham Lincoln
  25. 25. Clearing the way: Defining an Agile product roadmap
  26. 26. Product Lifecycle Product Council Product Roadmaps Product Innovation
  27. 27. • Focus on ‘deliver often and early’. • Defines how to prioritise, start, engage, deliver and measure. • Lite stage-gate framework with iterative approach based on Scrum and Lean Startup principles. • Full transparency with clear delivery ownership. Product Lifecycle
  28. 28. • Forum of uber product owners and stakeholders to: – Review product strategy and roadmap – What are we currently working on? What is ahead of us? – Presentation of any conflicting priorities – Final decision of prioritisation • Enables a joined-up approach to decision making. Product Council
  29. 29. • Clear and prioritised product roadmap aligned to strategy. • Quarter-based plans and priorities with high level FY roadmap. • Provides transparency on future plans and what is being worked on / delivered. • Defined process for roadmap and funding approval.Product Roadmaps
  30. 30. • Innovation framework focused on: – New ideas and taking risks – New products through to market launch – quickly / iteratively • Innovation activities - ‘hackathons’, lightning talks, department ideation, collaborative meetups and innovation partnerships. • User-driven innovation - experimentation sessions, consumer feedback, research & prototype testing. Product Innovation
  31. 31. Open Inspect Adapt Transparency, openness and shared understanding of team goals. Review everything and continuously look for improvement. Welcome change and course correct at any time if it means we are building better product.
  32. 32. • Enhance Beta / MVP • Production strength software • Measure key KPI’s • Business case • Create the vision • Project brief completed • Waiting for prioritisation • Small team • Build out Beta backlog • Workshops, paper, prototypes and code • Build business case • Micro team • Just enough to understand PoC • Workshops • Risk based approach • A set of hypothesis • Minimum set of features • Deliver Beta / MVP • Working software • Valuable business case Inception Proof of Concept ScaleConcept Beta Product lifecycle
  33. 33. People
  34. 34. “ To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ” Winston Churchill
  35. 35. We attracted new talent, re-booted the organisation and established a supportive culture.
  36. 36. Atomic Delivery Squad Engineer UX & Design Tech Lead Product Owner Iteration Manager / BA Goals • Clear ownership of delivery • Articulate stories / requirements • Effective tracking with transparency • Upfront solution architecture • Platform stability • Strong visual design
  37. 37. ● Owns product lifecycle from inception to market launch ● Sizing, planning and tracking ● Story definition ● Delivery to expectation Delivery ● Optimises engineering process ● Accurate sizing and standard process ● Knowledge sharing, cross team collaboration and technical innovation ● Adoption of test automation ● Solution architecture Engineering Engineer Product ● Develop product roadmap and quarterly plans ● Engage with stakeholder groups to gain requirements ● Gatekeeper for all product requirements. Prioritises based on ROI ● Delivery of best practice UX and visual design ● Data driven decision making Product Owner UX Designer Tech Lead Iteration Manager / BA
  38. 38. Enable Celebrate success. Recognise and reward achievements.Reward Empower the team. Give people space and autonomy to do it on their own.
  39. 39. Talent Foster, test and learn. Support ‘failing is learning’. Encourage decision making. Test & Learn Onboard and develop ‘doers’. Smart and passionate people, highly skilled and good culture fit.
  40. 40. Grow Clear role definitions. Align responsibilities to strategy.Align Mentor and coach teams. Set goals and discuss regularly.
  41. 41. Technology
  42. 42. “ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ” Albert Einstein
  43. 43. Introduced the right infrastructure to support rapid development.
  44. 44. Flexible Agile RealFast • Utilise real life user data to drive product development. • Analytics requirements must be designed into every system component. • Ensure digital content on platforms where possible is channel agnostic. • Greater ability to adapt to changing landscape • Fast, frequent delivery. • Automate everything and enable continuous delivery. • Embrace cloud-based infrastructure and open-source technologies to optimise spend. • Introduce robust cost and security review processes as part of our devops practices. • Maintainable, high performance software. • Adopt an iterative approach. • Speed to market and early discover is paramount. • Innovate and take risks. • Future proof to provide a solid, reusable foundation for cost effective delivery of new and emerging audience facing services • Build secure, scalable, and standards-based RESTful APIs. • APIs support easy entry to new delivery channels. • Leverage a shared set of core capabilities and data. • Design loosely coupled replaceable technology components to minimise vendor lock in. Simple • Focus on simple systems to build, use, maintain and integrate. • Highly responsive and engaging user experiences across all platforms. • Leveraging modern frameworks and native mobile SDKs. • Common Platforms for all capabilities - deliver core and standard platforms, then innovate on them. Technology strategy & goals
  45. 45. So what were the results?
  46. 46. Product Process People Technology We released a strong digital product range with highly engaging user experience We have clear roadmaps which everyone signed up to with regular innovations days We created a high performing team that drives agile adoption We established a scalable and high quality platform with speed to market
  47. 47. So what does it all mean?
  48. 48. All companies need to find their mojo
  49. 49. By Focusing On Product Process People Technology You are able to become High performing Tech savvy Roll like SV startup