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Fundamentals Of Marketing

  1. Prepared by : Himanshu Badlani Vraj Gandhi Kinjal Agravat Jaimik Shah Krusha Jethva
  2. Be a guest at your own event
  3. OBJECTIVES To enhance experience of our clients. To make sure that our clients enjoy every event without any hustle. To promote social cause of waste management. Exploring and creating new areas of event management.
  4. We provide our valuable service in : • Corporate events e.g. trade base events, annual events, seminars • Cultural events e.g. ceremonial, religious, traditional folk evenings • Leisure events e.g. stage shows, ghazal shows, live concerts • Personal events e.g. wedding ceremonies, birthdays, marriage anniversaries
  5. 18% 45% 22% 8% 7% target audience professional events wedding events birthday parties house warming others
  6.  Affordable price for all income groups.  Reflection of Indian value and culture.  Understanding customers need and expectations.
  7.  Product : wedding event, birthday event, corporate events, individual events, etc.  Price : the pricing scheme will be based on a per project estimate tailored to each customer.  Promotion : newspaper, holdings, just dial, brochures, word of mouth, visiting cards.  Place : Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gandhinagar, Anand.
  8.  Stay connected whenever and wherever you are.
  9.  Quick response for the doubts.  Health is always been taken care for when it comes to food.  The activities played will grab everyone's involvement.
  10.  Adjustment of the price will be our first difference.  The technical thinking in the adjustment of time will also be on point.  The work done with execution is our priority.
  11.  To make our competition worth while then we need to think like a strategist.  Make a headline in every social media.  Be inspirational so that you can easily attract audience.  Staying on the top of a technological trend is must.
  12.  Treating our clients money like our own.  Believing our client is a central figure.  Every client is different and has different needs.