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Strategic planning map

Strategy Map for Morgan County, AL Workforce Development

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Strategic planning map

  1. 1. Workforce Development Strategic Planning MapThe Morgan County Workforce Development Coalition is a partnership of the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce and the Morgan County Economic Development Association.Vision: Our vision for Morgan County is to be the place where current employers thrive and new employers locate because of our skilled, highly competitive workforce . Mission: Our mission is to close the workforce skills gap. Values Business & Industry Driven Measure Outcomes Educational Avenues for All Collaborate Communicate Reduce Service Duplication Recruit Retain Retrain 1) Design all programs and activities to 1) Communicate retraining and 1) Grow the Career Pathways close the Skills Gap retooling programs that reach brand through increased job 2) Develop revenue sources to fund people where they are. postings and resources on the scholarships for students and adults website and Facebook. 2) Promote leadership and soft skills pursuing high demand careers. training for team and leadership 2) Strategically market the 3) Create a curriculum-based program development. community as a great place to that can be delivered in the schools to live and work. increase awareness of high demand careers.