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10 Unconventional, Proven, Data-Backed CRO Hacks

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So you've changed your copy, rearranged your landing page, shortened your form but still can’t get more conversions? Join the club. It’s time to try something new, something guaranteed to drive more leads.

Join this revolutionary on-demand webinar with conversion experts WordStream Founder Larry Kim and HubSpot Psychologist Lanya Olmsted to learn our top 10 new and unconventional CRO hacks backed by psychology principles that can DOUBLE your leads. We’ve run dozens of tests to prove these changes will make a huge impact on your campaigns, and better yet, they’re easy to replicate!

You’ll learn amazing strategies like:

- Why you should rethink the conversion formula
- How to overcome your audience's anxiety over providing personal information on the landing page form
- When to throw out your landing page altogether
- And much more!

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10 Unconventional, Proven, Data-Backed CRO Hacks

  2. Housekeeping: •  Webinar will be recorded and sent to all attendees tomorrow •  #ConversionHacks (part of #CROday) •  Ask questions in the Q&A panel •  Additional resource can be sent after the webinar
  3. Larry Kim @larrykim Founded WordStream in 2007 Doing PPC for 13+ years Voted #1 PPC expert 11-month-old #PPCkid
  4. Lanya Olmsted @lanyaolmsted Marketing & Psych Research - Harvard Business Runs HubSpot experiments on CRO CRO Consultant for small businesses
  5. Agenda: Special CRO Day Webinar 1  Introduction: Rethinking CRO 2  10 Incredible CRO Hacks 3  Q&A
  6. On-Demand Webinar: Unconventional, Proven,Data-Backed CAD HACKS With Larry Ki.In and Lanya Olmsted � WordStream HubSp t
  7. Rethinking CRO
  8. The Great Landing Page Optimization / CRO Fairytale We changed the: •  Font Type •  Spacing •  Button Color •  Image •  Etc. … We got a 5% lift in Conversions!!
  9. The Typical Conversion Rate Optimization / CRO Test (… Here’s What REALLY Happened) The early lead disappears!! •  We want to believe our hard work paid off, but we are often deluding ourselves. •  Think of “Winners” as winners “for now” (not Lifetime appointments)
  10. Conventional LP Optimization is Over-Rated •  Small changes result in small changes •  The x% increase you think you got, probably isn’t that significant! •  Small gains almost never persist over time.
  11. The Typical CRO ‘Strategy’
  12. So, what’s a good conversion rate?
  13. A Good Conversion Rate: Probably Much HIGHER than you Think •  Average Conversion Rate = 2.35% = Terrible •  Top 10% of Advertisers = +11.45% = Incredible
  14. Donkeys vs. Unicorns Distribu(on   Point   Conversion  Rate     Vs.  Average   Comments   Average   2.35%   -­‐   Donkeys   Top  25%   5.31%   2x   Awesome   Top  10%   11.45%   5x   Unicorns   Unicorn Rule of CRO: “Across Every Industry, the Top 10% of Accounts Have 3-6x the Average Conversion Rate”
  15. Hunting Landing Page Unicorns
  16. CRO MONEYBALL (Going after BIG Changes)
  17. Rethinking The Marketing Funnel: Two Parts to this Story 1) You Can Bypass this Funnel Entirely! 2) You Can Employ Psychology to Make this Work Way Better! Captured Lead View Landing Page Website Visitors
  18. Ten Incredible CRO Hacks
  19. Eliminate Your Landing Pages Using Call Extensions Hack #1:
  20. This Year, Half of Searches are From Mobile!
  21. Bypass the Landing Page Altogether!
  22. Click-to-Call is a Game Changer Mobile Conversion Funnel 1. Sees Ad 2. Calls Business 3. Lead Captured No Leaky Landing Page! Desktop Search Conversion Funnel 1. Sees Ad 2. Clicks On Ad 3. Visits Website Landing Page 4. Lead Captured 3% Average Conversion Rate! Golden Rule of Mobile: “Calls to Businesses are Worth +3x More Than Clicks to Websites”
  23. Dramatically Increase Contact & Qualification Rates Response Time From Creation by 5 Minutes Contact Rate 100x decrease from 5 min to 30 min Qualification Rate 21x decrease from 5 min to 30 min Contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes. Why? Declining interest, alternate solution, etc.
  24. Make All Mobile Clicks Pop-Up Call Button Users are 9x more likely to place a call from a mobile SERP than a desktop.
  25. New! Call-Only Campaigns •  Literally just pay for calls to your business! Wow. Amazing.
  26. Mobile CRO Hack #2:
  27. Bounce rates on HubSpot’s landing pages are 20-30% higher for mobile viewers than those on a desktop
  28. Make mobile conversion quick and easy
  29. RESULTS     ü 5x the submissions ü Bounce rate was cut in half
  30. Eliminate Your Landing Pages Using New Ad Formats Hack #3:
  31. Facebook, Twitter, AdWords: Have Lead Capture Ad Formats, Allowing You to Skip Landing Page Leads get emailed or posted to you. The same benefits of eliminating an entire stage of conversion funnel applies here.
  32. Make Your Site Visitors More Likely to Convert Hack #4:
  33. Conversion Rate is Defined as: (Captured Leads / Website Visitors) *100% Huge leverage in changing the “Website Visitors” part of the equation by sending more qualified traffic. How? Captured Lead View Landing Page Website Visitors
  34. Upload Your Customer List and Find “Similar Audiences”
  35. This Works on Twitter, Too. Leverage the power of ad platforms to find the needle in the haystack for you!
  36. Remind People to Convert With Remarketing Hack #5:
  37. Use Remarketing as a CRO Tool 96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions marketers want them to take 70% of people abandon their shopping cart without completing a purpose Your Ad Your  Site   X-
  38. Why I View Remarketing as CRO It’s an opportunity to… •  Turn abandoners into leads •  Increase branded searches •  Increase repeat visitor rates and engagement •  Increase effectiveness of landing pages? Users who have visited your web site Bring them back to your website
  39. Huge Reach on Google Display Network
  40. Weird Thing About Remarketing… Conversion   Rates  Increase   With  More  Ad   Impressions  
  41. Remarketing on Facebook, Too! Target website visitors OR custom lists
  42. Remarketing on Twitter, Too! Target website visitors OR custom lists
  43. What a Typical Remarketing Ad Looks Like
  44. So Skip The Landing Page
  45. HubSpot’s Results 200%+  increase  in  demo  requests     40%  lower  cost-­‐per-­‐click   $$   $  
  46. Larry’s Summary: •  Stop mucking around with button colors, etc. •  Instead, Go for Big Changes (3-5x Improvements) •  Redefine Conventional Notion of “Marketing Funnel” using advances in mobile and PPC ad technologies to collapse/eliminate entire stages of marketing funnel.
  48. Motivation
  49. Humans are motivated by: •  Pleasure/pain •  Hope/fear •  Social acceptance/rejection
  50. Ability = Simplicity
  51. Make it easy for someone to perform a task
  52. Triggers
  53. Interactive technology makes triggers very important. We can receive a trigger and perform the target behavior immediately.
  54. Tell Them Who You Are Hack #6: Motivation
  55. 3%+ increase in Conversion rate  
  56. Include a Download Counter Hack #7: Motivation
  57. 4%+ increase in conversion rate  
  58. Use Images Hack #8: Ability
  59. 3%+ increase in conversion rate  
  60. Have a Short Form Hack #9: Ability
  61. 7%+ increase in conversion rate
  62. Use Urgent Wording Hack #10: Trigger
  63. 4%+ increase in conversion rate
  64. Triggers + Motivation + Ability = BIG CHANGES in CR
  65. Benchmark  Your  Conversion  Funnel   Grade  Your  AdWords  Account                     www.wordstream.com/google-­‐adwords   Grade  Your  Landing  Pages                   www.wordstream.com/landing-­‐pages  
  66. Q&A