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INBOUND Bold Talks: Frank Gruber

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When you’re building your startup, it’s easy to keep your head down, focused on the tornado of email coming in and putting out fires each day. It’s easy to forget that there’s an entire world around you that has no idea what you’re up to. After touring the country for the past seven years covering startups, I’ve noticed that what helps to create a strong company is being able to tell their story and celebrating what they're doing internally and externally. Learn how celebration can be a tool you use to unlock all kinds of new opportunities for your company while building excitement for your startup community.

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INBOUND Bold Talks: Frank Gruber

  1. 1. #sharestory #celebr8ordie @frankgruber @techcocktail Celebrate or Die!Why Celebrating Small Successes Is Important In Startups & Life Frank Gruber CEO, Tech Cocktail August 20, 2013 @ INBOUND #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  2. 2. Helping entrepreneurs enjoy the startup life journey by providing resources, connections and community. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  3. 3. Starting up is a journey... a roller coaster ride... #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  4. 4. Celebration is a tool. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  5. 5. Celebration is acknowledging and SHARING - with your team, customers and community. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  6. 6. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  7. 7. Celebration is a pivotal stage in the productivity process because it allows us to commemorate the activity we’ve been so focused on, which builds a positive momentum that can continue to propel us in the right direction. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  8. 8. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  9. 9. Celebration Can Help Your... #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail Team Brand Community
  10. 10. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  11. 11. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  12. 12. http://www.sandiegodjcompany.com/host-a-dance-party/ #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  13. 13. http://permanently-disco.blogspot.com/2011/10/re.html #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  14. 14. Celebration Can Help Your... #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail Team Brand Community
  15. 15. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  16. 16. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  17. 17. How? CC derekskey on Flickr #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  18. 18. #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  19. 19. Motivation Mission Momentum Energy Fighting Burnout Attention Contagious #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail
  20. 20. Let’s Celebrate #celebr8ordie@frankgruber @techcocktail Flickr CC wallyg
  21. 21. Thank you, thank you very much... frank@tech.co @frankgruber @techcocktail tech.co CC Ethan.K on Flickr