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How to Create a Website that Sells

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Find out how you can build a website that engages your online visitors and turns them into sales opportunities. Listen to sales expert Jill Konrath and Meghan Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, for our on-demand webinar that will discuss how you can build a website that sells.

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How to Create a Website that Sells

  1. 1. #SiteSellingHow to Createa Website thatSELLSJill Konrath 1
  2. 2. Your Presenters:JILL KONRATH MEGHAN ANDERSONSales Expert & Marketing Product ManagerBest-selling Author HubSpot 2
  3. 3. Agenda:Attract and Engage 1 Offer Personalization 5Showcase Your Expertise 2 What Customers Want 6Break the Status Quo 3 Conclusion 7Move Prospects ThroughFunnel 4 3
  4. 4. How to Create aWebsite that Sells Jill Konrath Author, SNAP Selling & Selling to Big Companies
  5. 5. Buyers complete 60% of theirbuying cycle before they contact your organization. CEB 2012
  6. 6. In business-to-business sales today,it takes between 8 – 12 contacts to connect with a decision maker.
  7. 7. Dated-looking websites are real killers!
  8. 8. What’s the Root Cause?We’re too focused on what wewant them to know about us.• Gracious welcome• Overview of company• Wonderful product line• Extraordinary services• Unique differentiators
  9. 9. SNAP FactorsSimple ComplexiNvaluable OrdinaryAligned IrrelevantPriority Nicety
  10. 10. Mind Melds Matter
  11. 11. What are their goals & objectives?
  12. 12. What issues &challenges do theyface that you canhelp with?
  13. 13. Obstacle courseWhat obstacles make it difficult to change?
  14. 14. Ideas, insights and information about:• Business challenges they’re facing• Value they’d get from switching• How other companies address the same issues• How to better achieve their objectives• Industry, marketplace or customer trends• Factors to consider in making a good decision
  15. 15. What’s Tempting?Blog Posts Articles Audios Ebooks Kits Videos ROI Tools Infographix Demos Case Studies Checklists White Papers Interviews Quizzes Trend Reports Webinars Guides
  16. 16. Have Some Gated Content www.JillKonrath.com
  17. 17. Does Customer-Focused Content Matter? Stats from my site Website visits have sextupled! (6x)
  18. 18. RESULTS• 2x Website traffic• Lead flow doubled-- Noel Huelsenbeck, CEO
  19. 19. How can this helpyour salespeople?
  20. 20. 1st Quarter EarningsSimon. Alex Marshall here. With your flat3rd quarter earnings, I suspect you’relooking for ways to increase efficiencies.That’s why I thought you might beinterested in how we helped a similarcompany streamline their processes whichresulted in some big-time savings.I’ll send you an email in just a sec with thelink. Watch for a subject line that says “22%cost reduction.”I look forward to talking soon. Again, it’sAlex Marshall. 123-456-7890
  21. 21. Marcus,If you’re like most Sales VPs I workwith, your people are really struggling to setup meetings with corporate decisionmakers.I’ve got some ideas that can make a bigdifference. But, I’d suggest you start bychecking out my Prospecting Tool Kit:www.jillkonrath.com/sales-resourcesAfter you’ve had a chance to check itout, let’s set up a time to talk.Jill Konrath
  22. 22. Image: Occhi-nelle-Mani-Newision-Siti-Internet-Modena
  23. 23. Your website is yourbest sales tool – if you leverage it!
  24. 24. Getting theright mix ofcontent on yourwebsite 2
  25. 25. How doesa leadbecome alead?
  26. 26. 50% of leads arequalified but not yetready to buy.(Source: Gleanster Research)
  27. 27. Top of the funnel Middle of the Funnel Bottom of the Funnel The decision process
  28. 28. Top of the funnelQuestions they haveHow do I…?What’s the best…?Should I…?How do I address thisproblem?
  29. 29. Top of the funnelContentHow To GuidesBest Practice ExamplesTemplatesIdea PostsInstructional Videos
  30. 30. Middle and Bottom of the funnelQuestions they haveHow can you help?Do I need this?What can I expect?Am I making the rightchoice?What do I need toconsider?
  31. 31. Middle of the funnel Middle and Bottom of the funnel Content Case Studies Interest-targeted content Results analysis Decision tools Demo/Trial
  32. 32. 7 Tips to Increase Your 5 Ways to Increase YourTOP Lead Generation Return on Investment eBook Live Webinar on Email Free ROI AssessmentMIDDLE Marketing ReportBOTTOM Demo of Contacts/EM Demo Of Analytics
  33. 33. Ask yoursales team• What questions do you hear the most?• What are the commonalities of people who end up closing?• What problems do they have?
  34. 34. Look atSearchTerms
  35. 35. Listen toCustomers
  36. 36. Search EngineOptimizationBlogging &Social MediaLead GenerationLeadManagementEmail &AutomationMarketingAnalytics
  37. 37. Find out how Get yourHubSpot can help customyou take yourinbound marketing demoto the next level. today.WWW.HUBSPOT.COM/DEMO
  38. 38. JillKonrath.com/sales-resources
  39. 39. THANK YOU. 48