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HubSpot Ranked #1 in Marketing Automation by VentureBeat

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VentureBeat launched its first-ever Marketing Automation Index, and HubSpot was named #1 in Marketing Automation & Customer Satisfaction based on a global survey of thousands of customers from each vendor in the space.

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HubSpot Ranked #1 in Marketing Automation by VentureBeat

  1. 1. Marketing Automation Index ranks #1 in the
  2. 2. Based on a global survey of thousands of customers, launched  its  first-­‐ever   Marke&ng  Automa&on  Index.  
  3. 3. We are proud to announce that…
  4. 4. ranks #1 Marketing Automation in both and Customer Satisfaction.
  5. 5. “With high marks and the overall highest ranking in our Index, Hubspot secures its top spot in our Marketing Automation Index.” -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  6. 6. "HubSpot took away top honors as the best all-around marketing automation system." -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  7. 7. “Hubspot’s strength is that it is one-stop shopping for the small enterprise or small business.” -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  8. 8. "Hubspot wins top honors for its all- around functionality, ease-of-use, power, and exceptional attraction to SMBs.” -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  9. 9. “[HubSpot’s content management] can power and drive not only a social media engagement strategy, but also serve as an actual blogging and website platform. With a plethora of apps (over 200 at press time) in its marketplace, Hubspot is the one to beat in this arena." -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  10. 10. “Hubspot consistently is cited as having one of the best optimization tools in the industry.” -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  11. 11. HubSpot leads the pack in web content optimization & targeting
  12. 12. “‘Some systems rely on integration to work, while others (like HubSpot) are fantastic out of the box,’ writes another B2B marketing automation specialist.” -VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index
  13. 13. Thank You to the many of our 10,000 customers who recommended us as the solution of choice for marketing automation.
  14. 14. We are truly humbled.
  15. 15. Read the full VentureBeat Report >>
  16. 16. Find out how HubSpot can work for your marketing. See the Software