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IdeaPaint Uses Marketing Analytics to Make Smart Investments

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IdeaPaint makes paint that can turn walls, tables, and anything else you can paint into a dryerase board. IdeaPaint’s Chief Marketing Officer Marcus Wilson spoke with us about how HubSpot’s
analytics helped him figure out how potential leads were getting to the site.

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IdeaPaint Uses Marketing Analytics to Make Smart Investments

  1. 1. Customer Case Study: IdeaPaint Uses Marketing Analytics to Make Smart Investments IdeaPaint makes paint that can turn walls,tables, and anything else you can paint into a dry-erase board. IdeaPaint’s Chief Marketing Off cer, iMarcus Wilson, spoke with us about how HubSpot’sanalytics helped him f gure out how potential leads iwere getting to the site. HubSpot Results Summary: Growth in Lead Volume ● Better data on leads by using lead grader ● 10,000 more visits per month compared to December 2009 ● Achieved 14.9% conversion for all landing pages ● 14% conversion for all organic leads to customers Challenge: Complex Tools with Unreliable Marketing Data Before HubSpot, Marcus and IdeaPaint were using an online solution that was moderately helpful, but was ineffective when it came to marketing the company. According to Marcus, the data it gave them was unreliable and caused him to “lose faith” in it. IdeaPaint wanted to know what was contributing to their success, and what “the path from visiting the website to actually becoming customers was.”
  2. 2. Solution:HubSpot Marketing SoftwareWith HubSpot’s sources dashboard, IdeaPaint is gets in-depth analysis of howpeople found the IdeaPaint website with a simple mouse click. With this knowledgethey can determine which areas to focus marketing investements on and how todrive even more traff c to the site. iAnother important analytic tool Marcus uses is the keyword grader, which allowsIdeaPaint to see what words people are using to search for IdeaPaint. He can turnthis information over to his sales and marketing teams so they know which words tomight drive more qualif ed leads and sales. iIdeaPaint takes advantage of HubSpot Large’s consulting service to get one-on-onesupport with HubSpot staff helping them make sense of their leads and decide whatmove to make next.HubSpot’s analytics have translated into a much better understanding of leadsfor IdeaPaint. With the knowledge of where the leads come from and whatfactors cause them to convert into customers, IdeaPaint has been able to have amuch better idea of what is working. Also with all the reporting in one locationand gathered using a single easy tool, Marcus no longer has to spend a longtime analyzing different types of data.HubSpot’s integrated marketing software can help you focus on leads that willactually benef t your company. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trial or irequest a customized demonstration.