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6 Examples of Beautiful Website Redesigns

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Are you ready to give your online presence a facelift? We’ve compiled some of our favorite website transformations and given an outline on why they’re so awesome.

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6 Examples of Beautiful Website Redesigns

  1. 6 Examples of B!"#$%&' Website Redesigns
  2. 86% of U.S. SMBs cite websites as their most important digital marketing tactic.
  3. Is it time to reexamine your website design?
  4. Need a little %()p%r"$%*( to get the ball rolling?
  5. These H#bSp*$ customers have completely transformed their websites …  
  6. … Here’s a look at the $%p) and $r%+,) they picked up along the way.
  7. Before
  8. Only instance of blue on the site Too much text
  9. After
  10. Concise copy Unified color scheme and descriptive visuals
  11. K!- T",!"w"-: Unify the theme of your website.
  12. Before
  13. Confusing UX (that’s not optimized for mobile)
  14. After
  15. Compelling & clear hierarchy -redesigned to be mobile optimized
  16. K!- T",!"w"-: Optimize your site for mobile using responsive design elements.
  17. Before
  18. Run-of-the mill cloud services website Message doesn’t stick
  19. After
  20. Animation makes a complex topic easier to understand
  21. Clear message with gorgeous design
  22. K!- T",!"w"-: Illustrate your complex messages.
  23. Before
  24. Lots of information, no clear CTA
  25. After
  26. Beautiful imagery brings out the content
  27. White space & minimalist designs allowing user to focus on content
  28. K!- T",!"w"-: Take this opportunity to declutter your homepage.
  29. Before
  30. No focus Excessive text
  31. After
  32. Clear point with clear call-toaction
  33. K!- T",!"w"-: Give visitors a clear next step.
  34. Before
  35. Too much text with no clear CTA No clear description of company
  36. After
  37. Puts the produc in contex Easy to see what the company does
  38. K!- T",!"w"-: Be explicit about what your company sells.
  39. Digested those tips & tricks? Looks like you’re ready to dive into your redesign.
  40. Looking for your next b%. %/!"?
  41. HubSpot customers and partners create b!"#$%&' /!)%.() using HubSpot’s design tools.
  42. We want to help you .!$ %()p%r!/.
  43. So we’ve created %()p%r!/.0#1p*$.+*2 to help you fuel your creative juices Get inspired here.
  44. I!"p#r$ %&'r"$(f. I!"p#r$ %&'r )$*+. I!"p#r$ ),$ w&r(-.