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Proofreading Service Grows Organic Traffic by 480% with HubSpot

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ProofreadNow effectively replaced its Pay-Per-Click dollars for the HubSpot software, thus investing in better lead tracking tools and increasing lead conversions.

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Proofreading Service Grows Organic Traffic by 480% with HubSpot

  1. 1. ProofreadNOW! Case study!
  2. 2. ProofreadNOW!  KEY  RESULTS   •  Grew organic traffic by 480% in 1 year •  Increased leads to over 660 in 1 year •  Built a blog following of over 340 subscribers ABOUT:   ProofreadNOW  offers  proofreading  services  to  business  professionals  and  writers  worldwide.    
  3. 3. ProofreadNOW! Challenge: Inability to Capture Leads Successfully Prior to starting with HubSpot, ProofreadNOW used to rely on referrals, direct mail and Pay-Per-Click to attract new customers. Conni Eversull, the company’s sales and marketing director, soon realized that this type of marketing was ineffective for their business. “We needed to capture information about the people who were visiting our website,” she said. “While we were paying for Pay-Per-Click ads, we weren’t capturing any data,” Conni added.
  4. 4. ProofreadNOW! Solution: Growing Contacts & Leads with Landing Pages ProofreadNOW started using HubSpot to extract information about its target customer base. Conni created custom landing pages, such as educational eBooks and whitepapers, to attract readers and successfully collect lead information. “We can see who becomes a prospect, who becomes a customer, and then I can better target my marketing campaigns,” she said. This approach has helped ProofreadNOW to build a core lead database. “I would rather have a smaller, more qualified list to market to than some big broad list,” Conni added.
  5. 5. ProofreadNOW! Solution: sd Closing the Loop with Lead Nurturing & Salesforce ProofreadNOW uses HubSpot’s lead nurturing program and Salesforce integration to close the loop and successfully capture leads. With HubSpot's closed loop marketing, Conni can track leads from their arrival at the site to their conversion. Such tools enable ProofreadNOW to determine its most efficient marketing channels. HubSpot's lead nurturing software also contributes to the increase in ProofreadNOW’s sales conversions by enabling the company to set up automated custom emails and follow-up with interested leads. Conni has found great value in the opportunity to link her lead tracking data to Salesforce.com. While the automated email campaigns engage leads over time, the Salesforce integration enables Conni to provide immediate and personal responses as necessary.
  6. 6. ProofreadNOW!
  7. 7. ProofreadNOW! Results: Increased Leads to over 650 & Grew Organic Traffic by 480% in 1 Year ds In one year, the company managed to increase its organic visits by 480%—from 150 organic searches in May 2009 to 870 in May 2010. Similarly, ProofreadNOW has attracted hundreds of leads throughout the year: in the past six months alone, the site has drawn nearly 400 leads.
  8. 8. ProofreadNOW! Results: Developed Email Marketing In October 2009, ProofreadNOW also developed its email marketing with HubSpot. Since then, the company has grown this marketing channel to attract over 300 visits from email marketing in May.
  9. 9. ProofreadNOW! Results: Expanded Blog Efforts & Attracted over 340 Subscribers ProofreadNOW’s blog has become another engagement source with now over 340 subscribers.
  10. 10. More about ProofreadNOW:! www.ProofreadNow.com! Sign up for a HubSpot demo:! www.HubSpot.com/demo!