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HubSpot Summer 2010 Show & Tell Webinar

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This webinar featured HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan and included information about HubSpot's newest inbound marketing software features, feedback on how customers are using them to drive more leads and sales. We shared some of HubSpot's roadmap and vision.

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HubSpot Summer 2010 Show & Tell Webinar

  1. 1. Starting In a Few Minutes • “If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.” • -- Seth Godin
  2. 2. Starting In 1 Minute What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know it's what we know for sure that just ain't so? • -- Mark Twain
  3. 3. Brian Halligan @bhalligan HubSpot Summer 2010 Show & Tell
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda •Remind me, what is inbound marketing? •Who & What is HubSpot? •Talk Is Cheap – Demo! •Customer Reactions to New Features •Where is the puck headed? •Q&A
  5. 5. Traditional Marketing
  6. 6. Traditional Marketing Is Dead 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson
  7. 7. The Market Is Here Now
  8. 8. Transformation Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing • Telemarketing • SEO / SEM • Trade shows • Blogging • Direct mail • Social Media • Email blasts • RSS • Print ads • Free tools/trials • TV/radio ads • Viral videos
  9. 9. Build a moat around your business
  10. 10. Get Found Convert
  11. 11. So What’s HubSpot?
  12. 12. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing System QUALIFIED TRAFFIC GET FOUND SEO, Blog, Social Media, Content Creation Get Found CONVERT Convert Landing Pages, Lead Nurturing & Intelligence ANALYZE Marketing SALES Analytics
  13. 13. Complete Solution Social Media Marketing Blog SEO Analytics IT Expertise Monitoring Automation Web Google Marketing Wordpress Position Radian6 Eloqua IT Guys Analytics Sherpa Gold
  14. 14. 1500 2000 2500 3000 1000 500 0 Dec-06 Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08 May-08 Emerging Standard Jun-08 Jul-08 Aug-08 Sep-08 Oct-08 Nov-08 Dec-08 Jan-09 Feb-09 HubSpot Customer Growth Mar-09 Apr-09 May-09 Jun-09 Jul-09 Aug-09 Sep-09 Oct-09 Nov-09 Dec-09 May 2010 Jan-10 Feb-10 Mar-10 2,800 Customers Apr-10 May-10
  15. 15. Thought Leadership
  16. 16. Using HubSpot = More Leads
  17. 17. Talk Is Cheap Demo!!!
  18. 18. Social Media Monitoring
  19. 19. Social Media Reach
  20. 20. BETA: Social Lead Intelligence
  21. 21. Marketing Integration
  22. 22. New: Lead Nurturing
  23. 23. "“We’ve … sent more than 10,000 emails to keep leads engaged. This used to be a manual process … but because HubSpot is easy to use and integrated with our lead capture, we’ve made nurturing a standard, saving time as we improve on rapid lead follow up.” Michelle Wickum Director of Marketing SteelMaster Buildings
  24. 24. BETA: Lead Segmentation
  25. 25. BETA: Email Marketing
  26. 26. "HubSpot's software continues to pleasantly surprise . . . we found the email marketing feature to be a quick & easy solution to reach out to our leads. It was tied into our existing leads application & just worked." Jared Mostoller Marketer docSTAR
  27. 27. HubSpot Salesforce.com Integration
  28. 28. Leads API = Any CRM Integration (…or your CRM of choice)
  29. 29. “. . . this is going to connect the dots between marketing and sales efforts. We’ve implemented the beta API for three clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is working great … and gives visibility into marketing ROI.” Daniel Lynton CEO Lynton Web Solutions
  30. 30. Analytics Help Max Out ROI
  31. 31. Does HubSpot help customers do all this?
  32. 32. HUG Oct 5 2010 Cambridge, MA
  33. 33. What’s next?
  34. 34. Convert
  35. 35. Platformization 3rd Party COPCA Apps Proprietary API CRM WEBSITE HubSpot Blogosphere
  36. 36. Thank You See it for yourself @ www.hubspot.com/free-trial @bhalligan @kirstenpetra