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Social Superheroes - Behind the Scenes of a Massive Marketing Campaign

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With great power comes great responsibility--and representing HubSpot on social media is no different. Are you leveraging everything in your social powerpack to engage and grow your followers, and convert them into paying customers?

Earlier in 2015, HubSpot published the Social Superheroes Guide and followed it up with an in-depth webinar to bring you through what went into launching this campaign from start to finish.

Join HubSpot and our three Social Superheroes to learn:

How we researched the topic and format to ensure it would be successful
How we created the content assets for social
How we got our audience engaging with the content
How we expanded our reach with influencers
How we monitored the progress and listened for mentions of keywords
How we measured success
Plus a bonus tip from each of the Superheroes!

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Social Superheroes - Behind the Scenes of a Massive Marketing Campaign

  1. – Behind the Scenes!
  2. Meet the Social Superheroes: #SocialSuperheroes
  3. Meet the Social Superheroes: #SocialSuperheroes
  4. Meet the Social Superheroes: #SocialSuperheroes
  5. Housekeeping Notes  Slides and recording will be available after  Technical issues – please use the chat panel  Questions on Twitter: #SocialSuperheroes #SocialSuperheroes
  6. 1 Research
  7. How did we know Superheroes would work?
  8. Get data before you create
  9. What’s already working for the topic? 1. Perform a topic search
  10. What’s working for big sites? 2. Perform a multiple domain search
  11. 3. Figure out what format works best
  12. 3. Figure out what format works best How To Articles, Lists, Infographics – let’s make something visual and helpful!
  13. 4. Figure out what length it should be Longer wins, let’s create an ebook!
  14. Tip driven/how-to guide
  15. Tip driven/how-to guide Heroes/Avenger s theme
  16. Tip driven/how-to guide Heroes/Avenger s theme Longer form ebook
  17. Tip driven/how-to guide Heroes/Avenger s theme Longer form ebook Visual element like infographic
  18. Research before you start:  Popular topics  What the big players are seeing success with  Optimal length of content  Most popular format
  19. 2 The launch
  20. "A Great Content Brand is a brand that's famous for producing intelligent, useful and entertaining content that's always worth consuming.” Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners
  21. Share the content with your networks 1. Spark up the conversation
  22. "Tweets from businesses that contain images are 34% more likely to get Retweeted than Tweets from businesses with no image at all.” HubSpot & SocialBro Research
  23. Google + Share the content with ALL of your networks
  24. Google + Twitter
  25. Google + Facebook Event Twitter
  26. Make use of your profile cover photo space
  27. Pin Your posts to the top of your Profile
  28. Create a vine or instagram video
  29. 2. Engage your audience
  30. Who should you engage with? Fans/Followers who:  Shared the content  Shared the assets created for the campaign  Engaged with the ebook/content/brand
  31. Ask questions (Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?) How should you engage with them?
  32. Offer help/assistance
  33. Search for keywords
  34. Hijack trending topics
  35. 2. Entertain your audience
  36. How do you entertain your audience? Use quotes that everyone knows and recognises
  37. Use images your audience can relate to
  38. Make it fun and fit it to your campaign’s theme
  39. 3 Expanding Reach
  40. Just one influencer sharing can result in 30% more shares
  41. Not all influencers are equal
  42. Find who’s sharing quality content on your topic
  43. Sort by authority, RT ratio, type, location focus our outreach efforts
  44. Influencer search for social media marketing: our outreach list
  45. What does Jason Falls like to share?
  46. Can only ask …
  47. Influencer outreach is about building relationships
  48. Do influencers share landing pages??  Authority on the line  Many won’t share pages asking for follower data  A/B test with direct link rather than gated offer
  49. 4 Measure
  50. Why measure?  Define clear objectives  Focuses the entire organisation on what is and isn’t important  Agreed and transparent results can be used to justify associated budgets
  51. Don’t focus on the latest ‘vogue’ or ‘vanity’ metrics.
  52. What should you measure?  Outputs – what you created  Outtakes – how people reacted  Outcomes – how people behave differently as a result
  53. It’s far more insightful to track conversation about a campaign in relation to a brand, rather than simply the campaign or the brand.
  54. Use boolean language to track the campaign
  55. The Social Superheroes dashboard
  56. Measure volume, reach, exposure, and amplification
  57. Measuring the buzz
  58. Get granular using social listening
  59. Measure website visits
  60. Measure Takeaways  Measure positive and negative sentiment  Measure buzz, reach and amplification  Measure website visits & conversions
  61. THANK YOU! Questions? #SocialSuperheroes @Buzzsumo @LinkHumans @Brandwatch @HubSpot