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Everlane - Brand Audit

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Everlane - Brand Audit

  1. 1. By Huijun June Li Brand Audit
  2. 2. Background • Online-only Fashion Retailer • Founded in the fall of 2010 by Michael Preysman • Started with a referral invite list and one T-shirt • Headquartered in San Francisco with a small team in New York • Head of Product and Design: Rebekka Bay
  3. 3. • Vertical fashtech company • Underbuy on inventory - never go on sale • Competitive pricing • Highly transparent & socially responsible • Carefully edited products • Engaging campaigns The Unique Business Model
  4. 4. Target Audience • Like affordable and comfortable basics and with high quality • Appreciate luxury but don’t want a brand plastered on their clothes • Men & Women • Age 25- 45 • Upper Middle Class • Urban, educated, conscious consumers • Online shoppers
  5. 5. “When people buy Everlane, they feel smart. They know who they are and what they stand for.” —Michael Preysman (Founder & CEO of Everlane)
  6. 6. Product • Classic basics & essentials • Monochromatic • Neutral colors • Evergreen looks
  7. 7. Competitive Advantages • Competitive pricing with premium quality • Ethical in sourcing and manufacturing • Innovative on customer experience
  8. 8. Promotion • Online & Offline Campaigns • Email • Social Medias • Word-of-mouth • Publicities • Billboards • Prints
  9. 9. Reasons to Buy • High quality and timeless pieces • Affordable luxury • Ethically produced • Good customer service
  10. 10. Opportunities • Keep up the good customer service and engaging campaigns • Incorporate customer reviews on the website • Collaborate with independent designers • Design menswear pieces with functional details • Recommend small local cafes and restaurants on their App
  11. 11. Questions / Comments?
  12. 12. Thank you!
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Notes de l'éditeur

  • Worked for Cos & The Gap
  • Core Marketing Concept
    Unique business model built on price transparency
    Trust in fair pricing: product sold at a markup of 220%
    Go on field trip to factories and share their findings via photos and videos with consumers to educate customers around the real costs and origins of the products
  • Go on field trip to factories and share their findings via photos and videos with consumers
  • infographics of breakdowns of all the costs that went into production of the item
    Everlane promises to be transparent in every aspect of their business, and to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices by skipping unnecessary middlemen.
  • Aesthetics: Everlane clothes suggest affluence as much as they do modesty. They enable you to "pass" within the corporate world while at the same time signaling a certain countercultural rebelliousness to those who are "with it" enough to pick up on their idiosyncrasies.
  • Careful editing brings only the most relevant products to its customers, prevent choice overload
    Underbuy on inventory, never go on sale
    One hour shipping
    FB Messenger, weather and shopping dual app
  • Viral sharing: Facebook & email Heavy on social platforms: track engagement According to Preysman, most of their customer acquisition comes from word of mouth and their active social media presence.
  • Generates buzz and customer engagement for the brand
  • Video
  • Time?
  • In March 2014, Everlane hosted their first Transparent City Tour, where they invited a few fashion icons on Instagram to visit their tee factory and dye house in LA
  • A new initiative called the Black Friday Fund—put all profits from the day into a fund designated for improving the lives of employees at our factories.
  • In making their first pants, the folks at Everlane spent more than a year designing and refining their designs and fit. But perhaps what ignited the epic waiting list was when Everlane invited some of their customers to try on their prototypes. These lucky individuals not only got a chance to try on the pants before anyone else, but their opinions and feedback were also taken into account for the final release! (Exclusivity)
    they were showcasing the pants on different body types & sizes

  • Romance the customers with warm packaging and notes
    Personalize the shopping experience
    Encourages them to share photos of their stuff on social media