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How to use a UX Framework to improve conversion

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Let’s say you have a very usable website thanks to responsive design, A/B-testing and performance optimisation. Unfortunately, today customers expect more: they want great experiences.

In his talk at Conversion Day 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, our UX Expert Tommy De Kimpe explained that instead of putting all your efforts in designing and testing screens, you should widen your focus:

- Make your website part of the entire customer journey and optimize each interaction between your customer and your organisation. A service blueprint will help you to visualize all touch points with your customer, so you will deliver the value you promise.
- Validate your assumptions during live usability testing. Discovering your customers’ personal stories is the best way to gain real insight.
- And when despite all your efforts things end up wrong in a bad experience, don't despair but look for ways to set things straight and come out even stronger.

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How to use a UX Framework to improve conversion

  1. 1. How to use a UX Framework to improve conversion Tommy De Kimpe - UX Expert www.higroup.com
  2. 2. © 2016 Human Interface Group CUSTOMER JOURNEY
  3. 3. 1. Investigate the customer journey
  4. 4. “Online customers want to do everything themselves. They don’t need us any more to do that”
  5. 5. A B
  8. 8. Inspiration: http://www.filipmuyllaert.be
  9. 9. ? Inspiration: http://www.filipmuyllaert.be
  10. 10. 2. Go beyond data points
  12. 12. David filters on price
  13. 13. DAVID, WHAT THE HELL??!!
  14. 14. Behind every data point, there’s a story
  15. 15. 3. Bad things happen
  16. 16. PEAK-END RULE
  18. 18. TAKEAWAYS Investigate the customer journey Visualize every step of the process Go beyond data points Listen to your customers’ stories Bad things happen Convert them into opportunities
  19. 19. De Regenboog 11 2800 Mechelen Human Interface Group @higroup Human Interface Group www.higroup.com tommy.dekimpe@higroup.com +32 (0)15 40 01 38