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prossid ads - What we do

  1. About Us We are young aged marketing mind’s agency. Started in June 2021 When pandemic was hitting almost each and every businesses in the market. Our goal is to help out each and every business in the market who are struggling to make businesses online. As matter of fact we have already seen from past few years digital marketing is taking priority place over a old traditional marketing. That’s Exactly where we come in. We are here to take care of all your social media channels and responsible for your business growth as well. We are specialised in services like :- SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Creation & Content Marketing, Marketplace Management Etc.
  2. The Brief Outline
  3. Strategy and Executive Now that you have an idea of ProsSid Ads and It’s Team who you’ll be working with, let’s get to the important stuff: social media. In this proposal you will find an outline of how we will build your campaign and brand through channels like , Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Quora and Snapchat. When you engage an audience through these platforms, they feel a different sort of connection with your company — especially when you can make them smile or laugh, or give them something they feel compelled to share. Think of it as a unique experience every time. Our team will generate awareness for your brand, widen your reach and target market, drive more online presence, and in turn boost revenue. A successful social media campaign also takes time, patience, and follow-through.
  4. Brand Objective ● Build a strong brand value for Petvisie in digital world. ● Build a community of active customers and loyalist who will not just engage with the brand content but also advocate it, Also Values it Core potential ● Build a strong reputation of being an approachable brand, Conversational and informative brand ● Generate qualified sales not just with the ads and content but also various media platforms likes EVENT engagement programs & Podcasts. The Brand Outline
  5. Brand Challenges ● No Presence of info on digital space in comparison to its competitors ● Lack of subject matters and its Benefits, Is a challenge ● Brand Needs to address & Target with its Audience with exponential info. ● The brand isn’t actively drives by content or campaigns highlighting the brand USP’s. ● Brand should be able to beat to it’s more relevant rivals of Decades. The Brand Outline
  6. Power of Posting One thing that dooms a well-intentioned social media marketing campaign is when a company assigns a single person to be the entire operation. we’re all unique and can thus reach many different types of audiences. So why limit your company’s potential followers by putting the onus on one employee? That said, posting for the sake of posting can actually damage your brand. In this phase of the process, we will enlighten everyone to the strategy behind Instagram posts, Facebook posts, blogs, And other social media platforms so you know why we will promote certain things over others. Industry trends are important as well, and we will and them and figure out how best to highlight them for our social media audience. Exposure is important.
  7. Engage through Content Content is key in social media. Without it, you have nothing. But if it’s boring, well, don’t expect great results. Part of the initial meetings between ProsSid Ads and Petvisie will involve planning for a comprehensive content calendar. We will identify important hashtags and keywords, and out where relevant news about your industry comes from and how to share it when necessary, create your own relevant news and other content for your existing blog or new blog, and make sure everyone on your team knows how to “share” content.
  8. Working Together Across Mediums Social media marketing is not the only marketing a company does, but it’s also much more intense than just sharing promotions, coupons, contests, etc. In fact, those kinds of things will be secondary to our overall promotion of Petvisie
  9. Monitoring and Analysis To ensure your social media marketing is constantly growing and reaching new people, we need to monitor and analyze what works and what does not. We will compare results to figure out what can be replicated and how best to do something again while making it fresh. This kind of data will not only be useful in social media outreach, but also in product development for your company, showing you what customers want and don’t want. A big part of monitoring also has to do with interacting with customers. We will respond to people’s questions, comments, and suggestions when appropriate and in the most professional way possible. When customers can expect this level of engagement, they are more likely to stay customers and also help recruit their friends and family.
  10. Target Channels In our research and analysis of Petvisie, we might And that Instagram, Twitter works better to engage your customers than Facebook. Perhaps more people respond to videos of your products or staff than photos. We want your customers to be excited about your content, so if Snapchat or Videos are not working out, we will figure out why, report back to you, and adjust accordingly so we are constantly maximizing your social media presence in the most effective way.
  11. Reports We will provide daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly analytics so you can see how your investment in social media is paying off. Once we review results with Petvisie, we can make adjustments as necessary. monthly report will include the following: • Content items produced • Organic traffic to content • Social traffic to content • Sales attribution per content item • New revenue attribution per content item These metrics will help you understand how content production and promotion is affecting your brand awareness and revenue growth.
  12. Situation Analysis Petvisie is in the competitive Pet Line. While Petvisie has had some success generating new business to date, client acquisition remains a key concern for long-term success. In order to reach your growth targets for the coming year, you'll need to deploy a strategic advertising strategy that leverages multiple advertising mediums in unison to build brand awareness and increase lead generation. On the following pages of this advertising services proposal, you'll find details including: The specific campaigns we recommend Associated campaign costs Reporting standards Expected results of each campaign Please note that the cost of your monthly retainer is listed at the end of the proposal. The campaign costs in each campaign's section are the initial start-up costs for that campaign.
  13. Thank You. Proposed By Prossid Ads Communications For Any Query Or Questions Please Get in touch Shubham Kadam +91 8898776349 (Business Head)