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Presentation On Apple INC

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Presentation On Apple INC

  1. 1. Apple
  3. 3. Mission Statement“Apple is committed to bringing the bestpersonal computing experience tostudents, educators, creative professionalsand consumers globally through innovativehardware, software and Internet offerings.”
  4. 4. 1 Apple Inc.• Frontrunner in the PC revolution• Transformed PC industry with 1st Mac• Expansion in consumer technology• Continued innovation in tech industry
  5. 5. History 1976-1978• Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs form the Apple Computer Company on April Fools Day on 1976 in GARAGE.• Wozniak and Jobs finish work on a preassembled computer circuit board. It has no keyboard, case, sound or graphics. They call it the Apple® I….The Apple I board is released for sale to hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts at the price of $666.66.• Apples first formal business plan sets a goal for sales to grow to $500 million in ten years. As it turns out, the company will pass that mark in half the time.• Apple I computer boards are sold through 10 retail stores in the U.S.• Apple moves from Jobs garage to a building on Stevens Creek in Cupertino, California.• The new Apple® II is unveiled at the first West Coast Computer Fair. It is the first personal computer able to generate color graphics and includes a keyboard, power supply and attractive case .• Regis McKenna Advertising launches its first ad campaign for Apple. Although advertising is initially aimed at electronics enthusiasts, Apple will soon become the first company to advertise personal computers in consumer magazines.• Monthly orders reach a $1 million annual sales rate.
  6. 6. Apple II, 1977) It had 1st floppy Apple III, 1980 Lisa,1983 disk drive MAC,19 84AppleI(april 1st1976) Power Book (1st laptop 1991) VARIOUS Focus On PRODUCT Education C CYCLE iMac, 1998 o Apple tv, i-phone, i-pad,2010 n 2007 2007 v iPods e Music Strategy (iTunes) (2001) Lifestyle r Strategy g Video Strategy (iMovie) Adding e Digital n Hub values Internet Strategy (iTools) Mac book Air-worlds c 1st slimmest notebook,2006 e Mac pro, 2004
  7. 7. BEFORE & AFTER Iphone in 2007
  8. 8. APPLE’S C.S.R
  9. 9. Sources of Competitive Advantage
  10. 10. Sustainable Competitive Advantage• Digital business strategy• Strategic alliance• Intellectual Capital
  11. 11. PROMOTIONAL strategy
  12. 12. Apple has been very active in its promotional endeavours. Its logo hasbecome one of the most recognizable symbols nationwide. Thecompany uses two primary methods of promotional strategiestowards its public.1.The first promotional tool it uses isadvertising. Investing heavily into thisarea, Apple has managed to create alarge amount of advertisements thatcan be found on any televisionnetwork, in any technologymagazine, and all over the Internet.
  13. 13. The second promotional tool that Apple usesextensively is personal selling. The companys AppleStores are home to many young and knowledgeablesales representatives who are trained thoroughly inboth product information and customer service.With the release of new products and upgrades thecompany produces every few months or so, it isimportant for sales representatives to stay abreast ofthe latest technologies entering the market. Walkinginto any Apple Store will reveal that employees areoften young and most likely fall within theGeneration Y or X age range.
  14. 14. Strengths• Strong cash base• Intellectual capital• Technology leader• Brand image• Charismatic leadership• iTunes Store
  15. 15. Weaknesses• Lower profit margins• Dividends rarely paid• Lack of succession planning• Presence in business arena• Underdeveloped customer relationships
  16. 16. Opportunities• Digital business strategies• Customized user experience• Strengthen brand• Expand strategic alliance• Global expansionS
  17. 17. Threats• Technology• Volatile customers• Competition• Google
  18. 18. Financial Analysis
  19. 19. Financial News• April 20, 2010: Apple announced fiscal 2010 Q2results: - Revenue of $13.5 billion - Quarterly profits of $3.07 billion• Stock price $252.36/share• Holds over $40 billion of cash reservesSource: World of Apple; BusinessWeek; Hoovers
  20. 20. Some Facts About Apple
  21. 21. The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (the cube) issaid to be one of the most photographed landmarks in theworld.
  22. 22. • Steve Jobs’ birth father was a Syrian Muslim, Abdulfattah Jandali.• Apple was established on April Fools Day.• Apple’s original logo in 1976 featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.
  23. 23. • Apple was the first company to introduce the mouse and the trackpad.• In 2001, Apple’s stock price was less than $8 per share. In April 2010 the price reached $272• Apple wasn’t started in a garage, it was started in a bedroom at 11161 Crist Drive in Los Altos.• Steve Jobs pays himself an annual salary of $1
  24. 24. • Steve Jobs’ annual income from Disney shares is $48 million.• Steve Jobs was a college drop out.• Steve Jobs commonly dons a black long-sleeved mock-turtleneck made by St. Croix, Levi’s 501 blue jeans (he owns more than 100), and New Balance 992 sneakers.• Steve Jobs is dyslexic• While Steve Jobs worked at Atari, he was moved to the night shift because he had poor personal hygiene and smelled bad.• Apples are Steve Jobs’ favorite food.