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Hussein Nassereddine CV

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Hussein Nassereddine CV

  1. 1. H u s s e i n N a s s e r e d d i n e T E L + 9 6 1 7 1 6 5 3 1 2 3 E - M A I L huseinnassereddine@gmail.com O b j e ct i v e As a passionate person with a charismatic personality, am seeking a challenge position in the sales business/ communication with a large organization that can offer me a competitive environment where my aspirations, objectives and skills can be continually challenged and enhanced. E d u ca t i o n 2009-2015 Lebanese International University Beirut, Lebanon  B.A. Majoring in Public Relations 2006-2009 Kalamoon University Deir Ateyeh-Syria  International Relation (sophomore) 2002-2005 East Wood College K a f a r s h i m a , L e b a n o n  High School American System T R A I N I N G C O U R S E S 2014 Management Mix Beirut, Lebanon  Best Practices in Social Media Marketing training E X P E R I E N C E May 2015, Present Beirut, Lebanon Operations Officer - Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon  Dealing with suppliers and maintain good relationship  Handling in coming and out going mails  Friends
  2. 2. February 2015, April 2015 Beirut, Lebanon Part time Job (PR & Communication) – Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon  Media Monitoring: - World Cancer Day—Nationwide coverage (February) - ABC Go Gold and Shine for Hope Fashion Show (March) - Launching touch Light a Candle (March) - Kuwait Gala Dinner – Nationwide coverage and Kuwait (April) - CCCL 13th Anniversary – Nationwide coverage  Handling YouTube Channel September 2014, February 2015 Beirut, Lebanon Volunteering at Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon • Filing archives • PR & Communication Department – Media Monitoring • Bazar sale for fundraising • Christmas market at AUST January 2011, August 2012 Beirut, Lebanon Al Hosan Transport (main office KSA)  Car section import and Export Gulf/Beirut  Dealing with customs  Maintain Customer relationship August 2012, June 2013 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Inversion Aguila Center - Sales supervisor and handle customer questions, complaints and issues - Work on store display and ensure pricing - Cashier responsible for daily sales transaction and cash management - Keep up with shift supply and demand in the market September 2005, May 2006 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela El Tisoro Del Aguila Warehouse Control and handling shipping documents
  3. 3. Whole Sale coordinator under general manager C O M P U T E R S K I L L S  Windows and Mac OS.  Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Power Point  Adobe: Illustrator, Premiere L A N G U A G E S , S T R E N G T H A N D I N T E R E S T  Languages: English, Arabic and Spanish  Interests: NGOs, Culture, and Sports  Work under pressure.  Strong interpersonal skills  Quick learner

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