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Group Web Presentation week 11

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Group Web Presentation week 11

  1. 1. Group Web Presentation week 11 How Circuit-Switched Digital Networks work s1160020 Kotomi Ishida s1160022 Yuki Izumi s1160023 Kazuya Ito s1160026 Masahiro Inoue
  2. 2. Outline This presentation will explain Networks from viewpoint to circuit switch. This pattern. (look down) Sender -> Modem -> Analog local circuits -> Central Office Switches ->Digital local circuits ->LAN Router Receiver
  3. 3. ● Digital access equipment attached to or inside a router calls the central office switch. ISDN equipment uses a separate 16-megabit channel for fast-call setup. Other circuit-switched services use standard digital tones.
  4. 4. ● The dial-up router recognizes data with a destination outside the LAN and initiates a call to a destination selected from a preprogrammed table. ● Then , central office of every local telephone company is a computerized switch that works with other similar switches to routes and complete a call – that's mean circuit switching
  5. 5. ● The central office switch accepts the incoming call and makes a digital connection to the destination. ● The destination could be a small LAN or a corporate network. ● The destination router senses the incoming call and makes a connection to the LAN